School of Nursing/Health: Can I Register at a Café or School? -

School of Nursing/Health: Can I Register at a Café or School?

When I addressed a related question in, "Must I Go to Campus to Register Post UTME/DE?" I'd assumed admission seekers, generally, should relate.

However, candidates seeking admission into schools of Nursing and colleges of health are still asking if cafes can help them register or fill out their admission forms or if they must visit their proposed schools for registrations.

In fact, some hours before writing this post, a guy called to ask, on behalf of his sister, if she could fill Osun State School of Nursing form in my office or if she must go to Osogbo to fill out the form.

The question was necessary after the sister had insisted it's a-must to register within the school premises.

I answered the guy. And in this post, I will repeat the answer so as to help you too, to understand a few things and clear certain misconceptions.

You Can Register or Fill Out Schools of Nursing and College of Health Forms at Cafes

If you know of any experienced café around you, you can use its services in filling out your school of Nursing or college of health forms. Applying through a café, or through my service here, for nursing or health technology admissions is allowed, recommended, and recognized.

There is nowhere a school of Nursing will insist you must visit the school premises before you can fill their admission forms. And if this is instructed, it's possible the management has a temporary issue with its website - maybe maintenance or upgrading is ongoing or it doesn't have a website at all.

These school of Nursing and colleges of health, generally, have their online presence, i.e. websites, where you can obtain their admissions forms.

When a form is accessible online, the implication is that it can be filled out anywhere you are. In fact, you can fill out the form, all by yourself, if you know how to and what you're doing.

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Nothing Is Wrong With Visiting The School For Registration Too

If you want to register within the school premises, nothing is wrong with that. However, registering within the school premises doesn't mean that it's the school of nursing that's registering for you.

In fact, in most cases, those that will fill out the form for you, in the school, are usually cafes, like the ones in your town or around your house. Those in the school just have the opportunity to locate, their offices/shops, within or around the school premises. 

If you should ask at any office, within the school, that you'd come to register or obtain their form, they will only ask you to visit any café within or outside the school to apply.

Registering Within the School Doesn't Give Any Advantage For Admission

You may be thinking if you register with or within the school or with a café around, you may be favored with your admission.

The answer to that is no. 

Registering your form within the school doesn't have any direct or indirect impact on your admission.

The school will NOT influence your admission because you used their services or that of a café referred to. If you pass, you're admitted. If you fail, you lose out just like anybody who registered outside.

Paper Forms Could Require Obtaining Them at the Schools

Even though in about 95% of cases, schools of Nursing and colleges of health will have dedicated web pages for prospective candidates to obtain and fill their admission forms, it's not out of the possibility to see a few schools (especially newly established and those that won't just accept payment online) that will still be selling paper forms.

In fact, some old schools of Nursing and Colleges of health, until recently, were selling paper forms to their candidates. In this case, applicants will fill out the forms, attach their passport photos, and credentials, and submit them to the assigned offices within the colleges.

Hence, if your proposed school is still using this old method, you may have no other choice than to visit the school premises and duly obtain the form.


You don't have to worry, about traveling miles to a school of nursing or a college of health, in order to get the admission form filled. You can use the service of a café around you. If the form is online, it's accessible anywhere. Hence, it's open to any experienced café or individual aspirant to fill out the form anywhere they are.

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