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Phone With Profile Code Must Be Taken CBT Center?

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A student recently informed me that students are required to bring the phone containing their profile code to the CBT center for JAMB registration.

Upon investigation, I found that not all students are affected by this requirement. To clarify further, please continue reading.

JAMB Explains The Directive Regarding Students Bringing Phones To CBT Centers

In an interaction between JAMB and a concerned individual, JAMB explained the rationale behind this directive.

Molokwu Kenechukwu @kennismoles247

@JAMBHQ I've received a new directive stating that candidates must bring the phones used to generate profile codes to the registration center. Is this true and from headquarters?


The directive is not new; it is one of the measures taken by the Board to combat group registration, which has been associated with impersonation, data mismatch, and other forms of examination malpractice.

Key Points

  1. Candidates must bring the phones used to generate profile codes to the registration center.
  2. This directive is not new and originates from JAMB headquarters.
  3. Its purpose is to prevent group registration, impersonation, data mismatch, and other forms of examination malpractice.
  4. My Perspective on This Directive
  5. JAMB is aware of irregularities occurring in some CBT centers, boarding schools, and tutorial centers where individuals gather students for mass registration.

The Molokwu further elaborated:

Have you considered the implications of this directive? What about students in boarding schools where phones and SIM cards are prohibited? Profile codes are often generated remotely by parents and sent to students.

Understanding this viewpoint, one may argue that the directive was not thoroughly considered. However, JAMB had earlier clarified that students should use their own SIM cards or their parents'. This prevents the use of teachers', friends', or proprietors' numbers, which has caused issues in the past.

JAMB insists no group registration

Consider the scenario of students using others' SIM cards but being unable to locate the owners when needed for JAMB-related purposes. Some lenders lose their SIM cards and cannot retrieve them for various reasons.

JAMB Will Still Allow Individual Registration With Phone

As evident, the focus is on addressing problems caused by boarding schools, school proprietors, and tutorial centers engaging in mass registration, which leads to delays for other individual candidates at CBT centers.

Therefore, if you're registering as an individual at the CBT center, regardless of whether you bring your phone with the profile code, you will still be attended to.

To reassure you of this, not all students will bring phones to the CBT center. Some use their parents' SIM cards, some have lost their phones but retain their profile codes to purchase PINs, and others purchase PINs themselves but only bring them to the CBT center for registration.


While the directive to bring phones with profile codes to CBT centers aims to curb registration irregularities, it surely poses challenges for students in boarding schools or lacking access to their phones. JAMB's emphasis on individual registration addresses concerns, ensuring fairness. 

However, nuanced situations, like students using parents' SIM cards or losing phones, highlight potential obstacles. Ultimately, balancing security measures with accessibility remains crucial in JAMB's efforts to maintain integrity in the registration process.

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