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School Admitted But Not Yet by JAMB: Can I Pay Acceptance Fee?

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One of my readers just asked if he could pay the school acceptance fee even if JAMB had not offered him admission on CAPS. Can I pay the acceptance fee if I'm yet to be given admission on the JAMB yet?

Did you get the question?

Here is it.

He has been offered admission by a university. The school has opened a portal for admitted candidates to make the payment of the acceptance fee. However, checking JAMB CAPS he was yet to be offered admission.

If you find yourself in this situation for any other school such as LAUTECH, UNIOSUN, EKSU, and others, my direct answer is, "PAY THE ACCEPTANCE FEE".

I agree with you that JAMB must also offer you admission too.  That's why you should read this post to the end.

What If JAMB Doesn’t Offer Me Admission Eventually?

There is a point to note. There is no way a school will offer you admission and the same will not be offered on JAMB CAPS if such admission is legitimate.

It may not be on CAPS yet, but sooner or later it will be there. So, relax.

If you’d got it elsewhere that school could offer you admission without JAMB doing the same, it’s possible the person is still living in the past. Or the person was talking of admissions through part-time, distance learning, pre-degree, IJMB/JUPEB, nursing or health, etc.

JAMB CAPS is administered by all institutions and JAMB. Hence, there can only be a temporary delay. Both JAMB and your university, polytechnic, or college will offer you admission on CAPS and the school portal respectively.

In case your school offers you admission into a different course, it could mean JAMB is holding you up for Transfer Approval. See how to check and go about this.

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