Can I Study Biochemistry/Microbiology at Polytechnic? -

Can I Study Biochemistry/Microbiology at Polytechnic?

Some students are already aware that if they consider going to polytechnics, courses like Medicine & Surgery, Nursing Pharmacy, etc. are out of reach for them.

In fact, I once told you that, you couldn't do Law, Theatre Arts, among other courses in polytechnics. Mostly, they belong to the universities. That's why I gave science students a list of medical courses they can try in polytechnics.

But a parent contacted me to ask if her daughter could be offered admission into a polytechnic to study Biochemistry or Microbiology with 150.

Well, the lower score is not the point here.  You can seek solutions in my post, "I Scored Low in JAMB, What Can I Do Next?" for that. 

Let's explore the possibility of studying Microbiology or Biochemistry in polytechnics.

You Can't Study Microbiology and/or Biochemistry in Polytechnics With Your JAMB

This is not to discourage you. Even with 400 in JAMB, you won't be able to study Biochemistry or Microbiology in a polytechnic.

But, why?

Well, the bad news is that polytechnics generally don't offer these two courses at the entry level with JAMB. In other words, with JAMB, polytechnics will admit students to the National Diploma (ND) level, which is the first phase of polytechnic education. This level doesn't include courses such as Microbiology and Biochemistry.

At this 2-year program phase, Biochemistry and Microbiology are not offered. And since you're just seeking admission to this level, you won't be able to have your dream course here.

At this level, you're limited to the base course to these mother courses. The base course is called Science Laboratory Technology (SLT).

This is the only known course in polytechnics you can go for if you want to have the base training for Microbiology and/or Biochemistry.

Higher National Diploma (ND) Level Has Microbiology and/or Biochemistry in Polytechnics

However, the second phase is the Higher National Diploma (HND) level. That's the final phase of polytechnic education.

Here, most, if not all, polytechnics include Microbiology and Biochemistry for their students. Hence, students proceeding to HND, after their ND, can consider which to take between the two courses.

However, as earlier noted, before you can even go for Microbiology or Biochemistry at the HND level at any polytechnic, you must have had your National Diploma (ND) in Science Laboratory Technology.


Sorry to disappoint you that your JAMB won't be required for admission into Microbiology and/or Biochemistry as no polytechnic is offering these courses at the entry level called the National Diploma (ND) stage.

However, that doesn't mean Microbiology and Biochemistry are not available at polytechnics. They are! However, they're only available at the HND stage for candidates who must have studied SLT at their ND stage.

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