Is NDA Exam CBT, Written or Paper-and-Pencil? -

Is NDA Exam CBT, Written or Paper-and-Pencil?

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The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), like some other universities, conducts entrance exams. Apart from the UTME (that's compulsory for all universities), the academy will still test its aspirants before admission.

As a result, in preparation for this exam, a few students have contacted me to ask if their exams will be computer-based or written (pen and paper). There is a need to ask this question because all schools, including JAMB, are using computer-based tests.

So, when it comes to the NDA, should candidates prepare for the exam to be taken on computers or written tests? Let me answer this question in this post.

NDA Entrance Exam is Written - Not CBT

That should answer your question straightforwardly. However, there is a need for you to read to the end to understand the format the written exams will take and related matters.

You see, the academy has from time been using a written form of exams for its aspirants. This written exam doesn't require students to write things down as you're used to in exams during your secondary school days. Instead, pencils will be used to shade answers in a booklet provided during the exam.

Students will be given two booklets - one containing the questions and the other to answer the questions (answer booklet). Then, you're to shade the correct answer when answering the questions. This is similar to answering objective questions in your WAEC or NECO exams.

There Won't Be Theory Questions

Speaking of the WAEC and NECO, a part of those exams' questions will be theories. However, for NDA, all questions will be objective (multiple-choice) with the usual option A-D.

Speaking of the whole questions, aspirants should expect 120 questions in all divided equally among the four subjects they're taking. In other words, while English questions are 40, the other three subjects will have 40 questions each.

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Buy the past questions and answers (compendium) now. While studying it, you'll see exactly the questions, the total number of questions for each student, and the true nature of those questions.

Because this exam is paper-and-pencil, when going for the entrance exam, a required item will be your pencil.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The NDA entrance exam is conducted in a written format, not as a computer-based test (CBT), unlike some other university entrance exams.
  2. Candidates should be prepared to answer multiple-choice questions using pencils to shade their answers in provided booklets.
  3. Unlike exams like WAEC and NECO which include theory questions, the NDA exam consists entirely of objective questions (multiple-choice).
  4. Aspirants should expect a total of 120 questions divided equally among the four subjects they are taking, with each subject having 40 questions.
  5. Candidates should obtain past question papers and answers to familiarize themselves with the exam format and types of questions asked.
  6. A necessary item to bring to the entrance exam is a pencil.

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