List of Items To Take Along To JAMB Exam Hall -

List of Items To Take Along To JAMB Exam Hall

While some students are worried about the list of things they shouldn't go with when writing their UTME, they're as well worried about what they should take along.

It's obvious the former may put them in trouble, not having the right items can also cause all sorts of distractions - even failure.

This is why this post will be emphasizing the list of things you must go along on your own exam day.

What You Should Go to JAMB Exam Hall With

When going to the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam hall, it's important to take along the following items:

1. JAMB Registration and/or Exam Slip

Though the registration slip is optional, you may need that if your exam slip is not as clear as the registration slip.

The exam slip is more important and unavoidable when going for UTME. This is a document that contains, apart from your passport photos, your exam details, including your exam date, time, and venue. It is mandatory to have this slip with you as it serves as your "entry pass" to the exam hall.

To print the UTME slip, you will have to visit the JAMB official reprint page when the time comes (usually about seven days before JAMB's schedules start).

A local café can print this for you. And you can print it yourself. You don't need to visit a CBT for that. Print two copies of this because some exam centers may ask you to submit a copy.

2. A Valid ID Card

This is not compulsory though. It has only helped some students in, the past when they're mistaken for some kind of machinery in case of passport or fingerprint discrepancy.


You can take along a valid identification document such as your National ID card, International passport, Driver's License, or any other acceptable ID card. Make sure it is the original and not a photocopy.

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3. Pencils, Eraser, and Sharpener

Although JAMB UTME is CBT i.e. computer-based test, candidates with calculation-based papers such as Mathematics, Physics, Economics, Accounts, etc., together with the JAMB-installed calculators, will be allowed to use pencils to do some calculations if they find free space at the back of their exam slips. 

The use of pencils apparently calls for the need for erasers and sharpeners. Pens, of course, are not allowed.

4. Nose Cover

This was compulsory during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is no longer mandatory to wear a face/nose mask to the JAMB exam hall since Nigeria has been declared COVID-free.

However, if you choose to use this, you're welcome and will never be questioned for it. Make sure to take along a properly fitting face mask.

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5. Water

It's important to stay hydrated during the exam, so you can take a small bottle of water along.

Looking for water while in the queue to enter or during the exam may be misunderstood by the invigilators. If you're the drinking type, take your water in.

6. Money

You're more likely to need refreshments before or after your papers. Food will be available around the exam center to buy and you need money.

In case of unforeseen delays and technical itches, have some money to keep yourself in shape until things are back online.


Among all the listed, the only compulsory item to be taken to the JAMB exam hall is the exam slip printed online. However, depending on the need of an individual candidate, you may also one or two of the other items.

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