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Can I Study Law on Part-Time (Any University)?

Law is a significant field in the Arts and Humanities. Many admission seekers, especially those with an Arts background, may want to give this course a try. Whether you've just completed your SSCE and are seeking admission, or you've already finished a course and want to switch to Law, you may want to consider the part-time option.

Is it possible to study Law on a part-time basis? Can you pursue Law with a university offering a distance learning program? What about studying Law online without attending a campus?

Well, in this post, I will be answering these questions and shedding more light on the possibility of studying Law on a part-time, DLC, or online mode.

Nigeria Universities Offer Law on a Full-Time Basis

In Nigeria, all universities that offer Law generally admit their students into full-time programs. Hence, such a degree course is usually through JAMB.

Needless to say, you may not be able to study Law on a part-time, distance learning, or internet-based mode.

Before you get upset, Law could have been generally offered on a part-time, distance learning, or online mode, but due to a few reasons you may love to know, it will probably ever remain a full-time only course.

Here are some possible reasons why law may not be offered on a part-time basis in some Nigerian universities:

  1. Professional Requirements: Legal education often involves practical training, internships, and interactions with legal professionals. Some legal jurisdictions may have specific requirements for the number of hours or the format of instruction for law programs to ensure that students receive comprehensive training. This may make it challenging to design a part-time program that meets these requirements.
  2. Curriculum Structure: The structure of the law curriculum may be designed in a way that is best suited for full-time study. Certain courses or components of legal education may be considered essential and may not easily fit into a part-time schedule without compromising the quality of education.
  3. Bar Exam Preparation: In many jurisdictions, including Nigeria, law graduates are required to pass a bar examination before they can practice law. Full-time programs may be seen as more effective in preparing students for these exams, which may involve an intensive and comprehensive study approach.
  4. Resource Constraints: Some universities may face resource constraints, such as a lack of faculty, facilities, or administrative support, which could make it difficult to offer part-time programs alongside their full-time counterparts.
  5. Regulatory Approval: The regulatory bodies overseeing legal education may have specific guidelines or requirements for law programs, and obtaining approval for part-time programs might be a more complex and lengthy process.

But the National Open University Offer Law on a Part-Time (Distance Learning) Basis?

You may be right! The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) runs its Law, like any of its courses, on a distance learning mode. However, this program has faced serious criticisms and let-downs in the past years.

The NOUN Law graduates are still yet to participate in the one-year National service (NYSC). Of course, they're offered the exclusion letter, which is equivalent to the discharged certificate, instead. Its graduates, for a very long time, face rejection in the Nigerian Law School until recently.

Of course, if you think these and similar limitations won't be a problem, you may still study Law at the National Open University.

This testifies to the fact that if any university, even a conventional one, promises awarding LLB Law on a part-time, distance learning, or online mode, you should expect the same limitations and challenges.

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