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JAMB Says Candidates Can't Use Parents' NINs

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Remember I've warned that you couldn't use another person's NIN to register JAMB. This was in response to some candidates facing challenges in registering or finding their own NIN. Now, JAMB has buttressed my stand on this.

JAMB Asserts Individual NIN Requirement

Responding to a query from Twitter user Sarah Adindu, who sought clarification on using her mother's National Identification Number (NIN) for registration, JAMB unequivocally emphasized the necessity for candidates to utilize their own NIN.

The official response made it clear that registering with a parent's NIN is not permissible.

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JAMB Advises on Profile Code Retrieval If Phone is Stolen

Another query in the conversation centered around a stolen phone and the associated challenge of generating a profile code with a new contact number.
JAMBHQ provided a clear solution, emphasizing that the phone itself is not integral to the UTME registration process. The focus, instead, should be on the associated SIM card. The advisory suggested inserting the retrieved SIM card into another phone to reactivate the profile code and proceed with the registration.

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Key Takeaways

JAMB's responses underscore the importance of adhering to prescribed procedures for UTME registration. The clarification on NIN usage and guidance on handling a stolen phone aims to ensure a smooth and accurate registration process for candidates. As the registration season progresses, candidates are encouraged to follow the specified guidelines to avoid complications and ensure a successful registration experience.

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