Npower Suspended: What's Next for the Scheme? -

Npower Suspended: What's Next for the Scheme?

Have you heard that Npower Nigeria is finally gone? Have you seen the news that the scheme has been discontinued?

I had the same from a people reader, asking how true, in the comment section of my previous related posts.

I had to look into things before writing this. I will be answering his question here and addressing related matters.

Npower Was Truly Suspended

The Federal Government under the Ministry of of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation has suspended the activities of Npower.

The scheme which was launched by the Buahri's administration in 2016 has to be stopped indefinitely by the ministry.

The Implications:

  1. No new registration of Npower is possible for now
  2. No training of related beneficiaries as we've witnessed in the past
  3. No payments of salaries of the existing beneficiaries for now

The Suspension Was Indefinitely

By this, this doesn't mean the program won't come to life again. It's just placed on hold without a specific date to resume operations.

According to the Director of Information, Mr. Segun Imohiosen,

the suspension was a result of some irregularities observed within the scheme.

Revealing reasons behind the suspension and what will follow, the minister noted, 

We must go back to look into N-Power and understand what the problems are so we will basically suspend the program for now until we are done with the proper investigation into the utilization of funds into the N-Power program.

Npower Will Resume After the Ministry's Investigation

Going by the words of the minister you shouldn't panic that all your money is gone or that no new form will be out for the others to participate in the scheme.

The ministry just wants to know how many persons are basically on the program right now, how many persons are owed, and the amount they are owed. It's a plan to restructure the N-Power and expand it.

During the investigation and restructuring, the ministry will contact all the schools and places of assignment to know if beneficiaries have been truly working before they can pay the outstanding salaries.

According to the minister,

Sometimes we contact the school or the places where they are working and they are not there. They are not working yet they keep claiming that they are being owed eight or nine months stipends.


Npower Nigeria has indeed been suspended by the Federal Government under the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, due to observed irregularities within the program. This suspension is indefinite, but it doesn't signify the end of the scheme. 

The ministry aims to resume Npower after the investigation, with a focus on expanding and improving the program. So, while there may be a temporary pause, the future holds promise for both existing and potential beneficiaries as the program undergoes necessary reforms.

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