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A School Accepts D7, E8, F9: Is My Admission Sure?

You must have read anywhere on this blog that a few courses and schools will accept D7, E8, or F9 in certain subjects.

You could have it read elsewhere - another blog, on the school portal, or directly on the JAMB brochure, that for certain courses, you can process admission into some universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, etc. with just a "Pass".

In fact, that's true!

JAMB has some schools accepting, for example, D7/E8 or F9 in English, Chemistry, Physics, Government, Economics, Literature-in-English, etc.

If you're affected, you'll be happy to know that. But a part of you will be reluctant. It will ask you to think twice.

Are these schools real to their words? Will I be offered admission eventually? Or they just want students they will use their money to "plant flowers".

Let's discuss this as the answer to your question is more than YES or NO.

Schools Accepting D7, E8 or F9 Are True to Their Words

Of course, when a school says it will consider students with a pass (D7/E8) in a subject, it means that. A few schools will even tell you that certain subjects (which others take seriously) are not important to them for some courses. This means with F9 or without writing the subject or if canceled, they can offer you admission into the course. They're serious about that stand!

Although a word of caution here! 

To be sure such a statement is real, it has to be officially stated by the school itself. A statement like this, when it comes to admission, can only be taken from the official JAMB brochure or a school-dedicated brochure, or its admission advert.

If the claim is not coming from any of the above sources, you may need to be careful! It may just be manufactured by some hungry authors and bloggers out there.

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Accepting D7, E8 or F9 Doesn't Guarantee Admission

The fact that a university, polytechnic, or college of education states officially that it will consider pass or fail in a subject doesn't guarantee your admission.

Of course, not all applicants will be admitted eventually whether they have nine As or any deficiencies. Hence, it is smart to let you know that, just like those who have complete results (who may be denied admission for other reasons than O'level), you may also suffer the same fate and not because of the D7, E8, or F9.

Let me break that down.

A school or department has a capacity for 100 students for example. There are 150 students applying and all are qualified whether with full subjects or with one acceptable deficiency.

Apparently, the school or department will find means to reduce the applicants to the exact number they want. Using any criteria which may include catchment area, merit, less-educated state, etc. they may eventually deny you admission.

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Where the School Has Enough Students With Better Grades...

Similar to the stand above, if a school you apply to can find enough students who have no deficiencies in such an important subject (to fill up its spaces), they may consider them before you.

And that if those spaces are filled up, you may be dropped for them.

Commonsensically, if you're to be the school or its management, in a situation like this, you won't drop a candidate with C6, C4, C5, B2, B3, or A1 for another candidate with D7, E8, or F9.

Using F9, E8, D7 For a Course/School That Accepts That Is Still Risky

As you might have learned, so far, although the school might be true to its word, that doesn't change the fact that you're taking some risks with a deficiency in such a subject except it's not relevant to your proposed course.

If by any chance, the school doesn't have more students for the course, you're more likely to be lucky. Otherwise, don't be too expectant.

If you're not awaiting any result to complement the deficiency this year, taking the risk is still worth it!

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  1. Pls can you advise on what to do,my son was given admission to study physcology in a private university with an E8 pass in mathematics,butni can't upload the result on his jamb portal,the CBT center says he must have a credit in Maths before they can upload,pls advise . thanks


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