Why Is My NECO Token Not Working Again?

I bought my token last year but it's not working again?

That was a lamentation by a frustrated admission seeker who had been wondering why his NECO token, used last year, would not just work again this time.

Well, you're not the only one in this mess. Don't be surprised if I told you that all NECO tokens bought and used for results from the year 2018 till 2022 won't be able to check results henceforth.

More on this in the rest of the post.

NECO Result Checking Portal Used In the Last Years Disabled Now

It's quite unfortunate that NECO has stopped using the result-checking portal you first used for your result. When you got your TOKEN then, the portal used was "https://result.neco.gov.ng" and if you visit that now, it's no longer active and may remain forever inactive.

Possible error to see if you visit the old NECO result checking portal

This is why the token will equally not be able to work, be it on the old portal or the new one. After all, the token was not generated for the new portal.

The New NECO Result Checking Portal Won't Accept Old Portal Token

As already noted, trying to use the old token on the new portal would not work. Of course, the exam body could have made that possible, but for whatever reason, you've been deprived of the chance to use the already-bought token on the new portal.

The new portal is "https://results.neco.gov.ng". If you take note, the difference between this and the old one (no-longer-in-use portal) is the "s" after the "result". So instead of result.neco.gov.ng, we now have results.neco.gov.ng.

The New NECO portal

In order to use the new portal, whether, for new NECO results or those released before 2023, candidates are to buy new tokens. Hence, forget that you already have one token used before, you must buy another one to check here.

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Trying to Use the Old Token Here Will Return an Error

If you still wish to try the old token on the new portal, you can. However, it won't be possible as you're going to receive a prompt error "invalid result token".

In fact, candidates who wish to register for post-UTMEs and screening at any school, where submission of tokens will be required, should avoid this mistake.

For example, the Federal University of Oye Ekiti applicants will be required, at the last stage of their online screening registration, to enter their tokens (if NECO students) and fetch their results with that. Using the old token won't work and the system may not tell you why. Hence, get the new token and retry.

Similarly, candidates may be asked to submit their tokens and PINs (for NECO and WAEC students respectively), during the freshers' documentation or biodata registration - even for job interviews or scholarships. Please, don't submit the old NECO token as this will not let the officials verify your result and can cause you some trouble now or in the future. Buy a new token and use that instead. 

NECO 2023 Database Got Issues For Those Who Already Bought Tokens

In fact, this part of the post is an update. The new NECO portal had another issue on the day the 2023 results were released (10/10/2023). Some candidates have bought tokens before this day in anticipation of using them for their results. Unfortunately, the tokens stopped working by the evening of the day the results were released.

The portal was returning the error, "invalid token". 

Later, the NECO officials resolved the problem but they were unable to make the earlier purchased tokens work. However, the body replaced those invalid tokens with new ones for those who created accounts before buying their tokens on the body's portal.

So, if you've checked on the first day and later retried to check but you get an "invalid token" error, it's because the token was no longer working. You might need to buy another token in order to check your result.

If you only have the token (never checked on the first day or used it before), trying to check now, you get the error, "invalid token", it's due to the same problem. You can return to your NECO account to copy the new token yours was replaced with.

If you've bought the token from an agent, a café, or a business center and you've not used it earlier before this issue, you can return it to the seller to replace it for FREE as NECO has replaced those tokens for them.


This post is not to address NECO as a body. They don't even seem to care about the problems candidates will face with this approach.

But let's talk to you as a student. Now, you're aware that any token before 2023 is no longer to be used or submitted for admission - or job-related concerns. Don't make the silly mistake!

If you've been battling with this confusion, here you have your answer.

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  1. I bought Neco token on the New website but it's still bringing invalid token

    1. Same here ... I think they haven't released all results

  2. This is nothing less than fraud by NECO. As an agent, I've more that 79 token to be used this year, only for NECO to disable the site. It's too unfortunate. How I wish I've money and time to sue them

    1. You're very right. This is what our education has created.

  3. What about invalid result token

  4. I have purchased token and it’s saying invalid. That I haven’t used


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