Can I Use One Scratch Card to Check Two Results? -

Can I Use One Scratch Card to Check Two Results?

When it's time to check NECO, WAEC, or NABTEB results, each student will need the scratch cards or TOKEN (in the case of NECO). These cards usually contain both the PIN and serial number (NECO contains only one, the token).

After using this card for one result, you should want to consider using it for your friend or family. After all, they will save you by buying two cards. In fact, students who have one card used for their previous exam/result might want to use the same for the new result they're about to check.

How possible? Can you use one WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB result checker for two or more results checking? If yes, is there any trick to use or the card will just be used directly?

This was a question sent to me by a student in my pay-and-ask service. You'll get my comprehensive answer here too.

One Card is For One Result

Contrary to what you might have thought, read, or heard, you can only use one result checker to check one result. Once the scratch card is activated for one candidate, the PIN/serial number or token has been permanently attached to the exam/registration number.

This is not limited to WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, NBAIS, and GCE suffer that same fate. 

I know you still want to try. Well, no offense if you try. It won't just work. You can go ahead - I love experimentation too. Expect to see an error such as "Card already used by another candidate".

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You Can Use The Same Card Up to 5 Times Though
Even though the card is limited to the same number it was first and originally used to check, the same card can still be used for this same number up to five times.

By implication, when you check for the first time, you still have 4 more times to use the card whether you print it the first time or not. 

After the 5-time access, making an attempt to check again will restore errors such as "the card has exceeded the five times usage".


The question of whether you can use one scratch card or token to check two or more results for exams like NECO, WAEC, or NABTEB has been definitively answered: one card is indeed limited to checking one result only. Once a scratch card or token is activated for a specific candidate and result, the PIN or serial number becomes permanently attached to that exam/registration number, rendering it unusable for any other purpose.

However, there is a silver lining: the same card can be used up to five times for the same result, allowing for multiple attempts or the option to print the result later. Beyond this limit, attempts to use the card will result in errors. So, while experimentation is encouraged, it's important to respect the limitations set by these examination bodies to ensure a smooth and error-free result-checking process.

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