Post UTME of My Two Schools Clash. What Can I Do? -

Post UTME of My Two Schools Clash. What Can I Do?

It's not uncommon to see admission seekers whose post-UTMES or screenings clash. A situation where you are chasing admissions to two universities but to your disappointment, the dates of exams or screenings of the two universities fall on the same date/day.

Here, what should you do if the exam day for post-UTME falls on the same date?

Should you go for one and forgo the other? Is there a way to attend the two together?

Let's answer these questions and the related ones.

Consider Going For the Post-UTME of the School More Important to You

Even where the two schools or their centers for the exams are close and the time of the exams is a few hours apart, you may not do yourself any good making attempt to meet up for both.

You're more likely to lose concentration for the two and eventually fail both.

So what should you do? 

Go get to go for the one that's more important to you!

As a matter of fact, I recommend going for your first choice institution. This is because the school you picked as the first choice is most likely to offer you admission if you meet up with its admission requirements.

Even if you meet the requirements of a school in the second choice position, you won't be offered admission unless you're able to change them to the first choice eventually.

And in most cases, you might have mistakenly opt-in for the second school without reading their instructions. For instance, the school might have noted in their advert that only first-choice candidates should apply and attend their post-UTME, or screening.

A student called me recently to lodge a complaint that his Kogi State University (KSU) Post-UTME schedule fell to the same date as the second choice institution which happened to be the Nigerian Police Academy (POLAC).

I told him to go for KSU because he shouldn't have obtained the POLAC form in the first place. According to POLAC's advert, only candidates that consider them as the first choice was expected to apply and attend their exams.

Writing Post-UTME of Two Schools May Not Worth It

Do you know that trying to write post-UTMEs or partake in the screenings of two universities and/or polytechnics may not eventually be worth the effort?

For one reason, JAMB will not offer a candidate two admissions at the same time on the CAPS. This is because JAMB stands to discontinue and discourage double admissions. With this, why in the first place are you chasing the two schools together?

Your reason is obvious. You're thinking if one school doesn't offer you admission, the other should be there to save you a year.

You may be right, but attempting to attend the post-UTME of the two at the same time is not the right approach. 

I should be able to help here.

Kindly note that no school is offering admission to second-choice candidates without those candidates changing to it as first choices.

In other words, even if a school advertises that candidates who chose it as 2nd, 3rd, or 4th choice can obtain its post-UTME, it's just "baiting". It wants to hook you into its net. After you must have obtained its post-UTME, it will then ask you to change it to your first choice. 

Some institutions will even ask you to obtain their forms even if you don't choose them in JAMB. This set of institutions will lure you into changing them to the first choices, sooner or later.


If you fall into making a decision between the two institutions whose post-UTMEs or screenings fall on the same date/day, you'll be wise to go for the most important or that which you'd already considered the first choice or aimed to change to as most preferred.

Wishing you luck!

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