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Can I Change My BVN or Reregister Afresh?

Earlier in the days of Bank Verification Number (BVN) registration, millions of Nigerians were asked to visit their banks and opt for this digitalization of the ownership of their accounts and money.

Later on, all it takes to have your BVN is to open a bank account if you've not got one, with another bank. If you've got a bank account with BVN generated thereon, you're to link the same to any future account. 

With the BVN, your transactions are not only secure but as well traceable when need be.

However, for one reason or the other, there may be a need to change the BVN or register afresh. This is why a few people are asking if it's possible to change their BVNs or just redo a new registration.

In this post, I will not only be answering the question of whether you can change your BVN or reregister it, but I will also shed more light on related concerns.

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You Can't Change Your BVN Or Register Afresh

Just like the National Identification Number, BVN is not allowed to be changed. 

Talking about the change of BVN, there is no way you can be given a new 11-digit unique identity given to an individual account holder when he registered or opened the account.

In fact, it's not a mistake if I call your BVN, your account number. Hence, the reason it won't be changed is to avoid you losing your account number.

Trying to change your BVN is synonymous with changing your name, address, phone number, fingerprints, etc. And we both know that if you can change other information officially, the fingerprints will forever remain the same.

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You Have Other Options Than Changing Your BVN

Many people are looking for means to change their BVNs after a few mistakes. Some people had given up their numbers to scammers. Some suspected fraud. Some lost or forgot it. Some just don't want to be known with the BVN/account again.

Having established that your BVN will remain the same for as long as you live (even after), if there is a reason to change it or reregister afresh, that may just be a reason to change a few things on it.

Similarly, if you're suspecting fraudulent activities with your BVN or account, visit your bank to lodge this complaint. The bank doesn't need to block or change your BVN but rather block your account and take necessary steps to avoid your BVN being taken advantage of.

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What You Can Change On Your BVN, the Procedures and Requirements

You're allowed to correct the following items on your BVN.

  1. Date of birth
  2. Names
  3. Phone numbers, etc.

The only place to change items on your BVN is a branch of your bank. And if the BVN is linked with different accounts/banks, you can visit any of the banks for the correction.

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Requirements for the correction of data or change of name, date of birth, or phone number on BVN may include:

  1. National Identification Card,
  2. Voters Card or 
  3. International Passport
  4. Newspaper Publication
  5. Court Affidavit

Depending on the policy of the concerned bank, you can be asked to bring one or, at most, two of the above-listed items to effect the changes.

The idea is that a bank will want to make sure that before the correction can be made, the proposed information must align/tally with the one on an officially recognized ID card or credentials.

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Changing, reprocessing, or reregistering your Bank Verification Number (BVN) is generally not possible or allowed. Instead of making attempt to get a new one, you should consider correcting the affected items or reporting your carelessness, with the BVN, to the nearest bank branch.

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