Bank Details You Shouldn't Give To Scammers - UBA Official -

Bank Details You Shouldn't Give To Scammers - UBA Official

Many banks, if not all, have been warning their customers from revealing some account information to anybody whosoever.

A few such banks, that come to mind now, include Zenith Bank Plc, Access Bank Plc, etc.

UBA is not missing out as the bank always reminds its customers, like any other, to avoid revealing certain information about their accounts to protect against being scammed, hacked, or duped.

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Using UBA as a baseline here, the bank recently warned on its official handle

It’s a good day to remember, fraudsters are on here looking out for your public tweets to UBA & replying you with fake pages posing as UBAGroup.

⚠️ Always Look out for the verified tick on all our social media pages✅

🔐 UBA will NEVER request for your PIN, CVV & personal info.

And to those who use its online channels for transactions and interactions, the bank sent its warning

Stay vigilant fraudsters are lurking around. 

Look out for the verified tick on our social media pages before engaging any response here. 

Private confidential information, such as your CVV, passwords, OTP, PIN, and card number should never be shared. Practice #SafeBanking.

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Generally, this is the standpoint of all banks. If any of the above-mentioned should get into the wrong hands, scammers and hackers can take advantage of them.

Similarly, if a bank will need your ATM card details the only thing they will ask for is the first 6-digits and last 4-digits of the card. Anything more can ruin you. 

And your bank will never call to ask for this information.

In the same vein, avoid posting your account details across the Internet, especially on social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

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