Npower Doesn't Pay My Salary: What to Do? -

Npower Doesn't Pay My Salary: What to Do?

Checking Npower payroll/payment status
If you're hearing that Npower will be paying salaries sooner, that's true. And if you're reading this post after a few beneficiaries had got their payments, you're on the right page to know why you're yet to get your own payments.

After the selected beneficiaries had been screened and captured at their various local governments, the next thing is receiving your payment if you'd reported to your place of primary assignment, signed your PPA letter, and uploaded that to the Npower portal.

However, for some beneficiaries, somehow they'd been able to do the screening, signed the letter, and reported to work. Yet, they have not been able to link their bank details with their Npower profiles for them to be expecting their next payouts.

If you're in this mess or you're not sure if you have connected your bank information with your Npower profile, this post will guide you.

You will see how to check if your bank details are already with Npower and will be paid to. You will also see how to do that right now if you've not done it before.

Batch C1 With Payments Delayed

If you've been receiving your payment for months but suddenly you're getting an alert again, you need to act quickly.

You're to contact the Npower support team through this email [email protected].

Explain the issue and they will look into it and feed you back.

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How To Check If Your Bank Details Are on Npower Profile

Take the steps below to login into your Npower dashboard and see if you're on the payroll already.

  1. Visit That link will take you to the official login page for all Npower beneficiaries.
  2. Locate the login section and enter your email (e.g [email protected]) or Npower Number (e.g NPWR/2020/001054577) together with your password
  3. Then, click on Proceed to login
  4. Next, you will be on your Npower dashboard. Here, you have to navigate to the PAYROLL tab. The PAYROLL tab is right after the DEPLOYMENT tab on your dashboard.
  5. Right below this tab, if you see a warning "No payment data available". it means your bank details had not been linked with your profile. 
  6. However, if you see a notice of proposed payment month, amount, and "processing" (e.g Pay/08/11/202100000001 September 2021 30000 Processing), it means your bank details had been linked to your profile. You're 100% safe!
  7. If your bank details are not linked yet, don't panic. You can still do it right now, following the guide below.

How To Link Your Bank Details With Npower Profile

  1. On your dashboard, navigate to the DEPLOYMENT tab. There, you will see details of your palace of primary assignment. Below that, you'll see a button/link to VERIFY ACCOUNT NUMBER.
  2. Click on VERIFY ACCOUNT NUMBER and fill in your BVN, Bank Account Number, and Bank Name.
  3. Submit and wait to see if the page immediately downloads your PPA letter. If it does, congratulations, you have just linked your bank account with your Npower profile.
  4. Log out of the profile and log in again. This time, go and check under your DEPLOYMENT tab. Right under the name of your place of primary assignment, instead of seeing VERIFY ACCOUNT NUMBER, you'll see DOWNLOAD PPA LETTER button/link. That shows, your linking was successful.
  5. If after this, you check the PAYROLL tab and you still see "No payment data available", there is nothing to worry about. Once, you've done the needy, the system will verify your bank details and update that section later. Check back in a few days to see that things have changed.

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