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Solutions to Account Details Not Verified for Npower?

After being shortlisted for Npower and lucky beneficiaries had reported to their local government secretariats for the physical screening, the next thing was to verify their accounts on the Npower dashboard.

However, to do the verification, some beneficiaries had been having issues, errors, or delays in updating their bank and BVN information at this stage. After filling in their bank details and BVN, and hitting the verify buttons, they receive some complaints.

For example, one of the affected pre-selected applicants sent me the message below.

The link to verify the account information appears on my dashboard under the deployment tab, but when I click it, fill in the required details, and click submit, an error message pop-up saying I should go and update my date of birth on my profile, I don't understand sir.

I've answered him and will love to address the same issue in this post.

You Need to Update the Date of Birth in Your Npower Form First

In order to pass the verification of bank account details and BVN stage, you will need to update your Bank Account details, submitted earlier, when registering the Npower.

Let me break this down. 

Log in to your Npower portal using your email and the password

Under the "Overview Tab", locate "Edit" and click

Clicking the "Edit" button will open the form for you, again, to edit the information thereon.

However, you can't edit everything on the form. You're only required, here to edit, your date of birth and bank details section.

Don't worry about any other missing information on the form. Just go to where your date of birth is. Click on the year section, retake your year, retake the month, and retake the year.

Even if you meet the date of birth filled, you still need to retouch it. Retake the year, month, and day.

NOTE: The date of birth to be filled, in this section, must be the one on your bank account or BVN. To be sure, you can visit your bank and print your BVN slip to see the date of birth. It's this exact date of birth that you will fill here.

After updating the date of birth scroll up to where your bank details are. Fill in your bank name, account name, and account number. Then, right at the bottom of the page, click "Submit".

Notice the information that says "Only your date of birth was updated".

Sometimes, if you see, "Your details have been updated", it's ok too.

After that, log out of the Npower portal and log in again.

Navigate back to the "Deployment Tab", where to verify your bank details is and fill those spaces as correctly. Then, right below the form, click on "Verify".

This time, it should be successfully verified and you can download your deployment letter, if available right now. Otherwise, wait until the deployment letter link is available on that page to print the letter -  showing where you're posted for the Npower assignments. 

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