How to Open (Benefits of) Zenith Diaspora Banking - Zenith Official -

How to Open (Benefits of) Zenith Diaspora Banking - Zenith Official

Aiming to go abroad sooner or you're already out?

Zenith Bank won't let go of you. This is while the bank has given you a chance to bank abroad as if you're still in Nigeria.

The Zenith Bank Diaspora Banking is a package that lets Nigerians outside take advantage of investment opportunities back home and perform financial transactions safely and conveniently anywhere in the world.

While announcing this package on its official Twitter handle, the bank gave the link to all existing and prospective customers to join and explore the ZDB package.

Nigerians in the Diaspora can bank as if they are in the country.

#ZenithBank #Diaspora #NigeriansAbroad

You can open your Zenith Diaspora account online through this link You can also download and fill out the form through this link

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Requirements to Open Zenith Bank Diaspora Accounts

To open your Diaspora account, 

  1. Valid means of Identification (from a Nigerian authority or a notarized foreign international passport). 
  2. Public utility receipt (Proof of foreign address (notarized) or Bank statement from a foreign bank.
  3. BVN.
  4. One Passport Photograph.
  5. 2 References (Nigerian Bank Current account holders)  Required for current accounts Only

Electronic Channels and Services Available for Diaspora Customers

The following electronic channels are available to our diaspora customers:

  1. Card services: MasterCard & VISA (USD and Naira denominated), Virtual cards denominated in naira and dollars
  2. Zenith Bank mobile app: Zenith bank mobile app offers you access to your account from any part of the world. With a touch of the button, you can have access to a wide range of financial products
  3. Check account(s) balances, Transfer funds between own accounts and to 3rd parties with accounts in Zenith Bank, Request electronic cards, Request cheque books, Request/ view bank statements, Visa processing, Internet Banking, Request for cheque books, Print/view  Statement of account
  4. PIN change: Users can change their login PIN (password) at any time 

How To Fund Zenith Diaspora Banking Account

Diaspora banking customers with internet access and internet banking log-on details can do the following:

  1. View real-time account balances and track up-to-the-minute transactions on their accounts
  2. Set up a standing order instruction to transfer funds to other accounts within Zenith Bank and other Banks in Nigeria (Direct debit).
  3. Transfer funds to beneficiaries with Zenith Bank account or accounts in other banks via NEFT

How to Fund Your Zenith Bank Diaspora Accounts

  1. Direct bank transfers
  2. Cheques deposits
  3. Money transfer operators (Western Union, Money Gram, World Remit)

Products and Services Available to Diaspora Customers

  1. Home remittance
  2. Mortgage
  3. Medical insurance
  4. Virtual cards
  5. Financial advisory

For more information, send a mail to [email protected], [email protected]

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