How to Spot Fraudsters' Twitter Accounts - Zenith Official -

How to Spot Fraudsters' Twitter Accounts - Zenith Official

We're all aware that fraudsters are everywhere.

Recently, some of these bad eggs are taking to the internet, especially on social media, to exploit innocent customers of some banks including Zenith Bank.

This is why the bank has officially addressed this to warn its customer against trusting the wrong Twitter accounts being set up by these evil perpetrators.

The Zenith Bank has enlisted a few scammers' Twitter accounts pretending to be the official Twitter handle of the bank.

These fraudulent Twitter accounts, as announced by the management include:

  1. @zenithb61495899
  2. @info_zenithbank
  3. @zenithB70778754

The bank management warned that customers should double-check any account on Twitter before engaging with them. 


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Zenith Bank's customers should note that the sole verified and official Twitter account is @zenithbank. Hence, any Twitter account claiming to be that of the Zenith Bank but not the one stated here should be avoided completely.

Similarly, the bank had warned all existing and prospective customers that the management, its customer care, or any agent, through their online social media accounts, will not redirect them to WhatsApp numbers or ask them to divulge sensitive account information such as card details, PIN, tokes, or mobile/internet banking details.

This is a warning call to all Zenith bank customers or any bank at all. 

While these fraudsters are being easily spotted offline, they're now hiding under the anonymous nature of the internet and social media to scam banks' customers.

Be warned!

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