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Will ABU Write Post UTME or Do Screening?

Ahmadu Bello University's aspirants will be inquisitive to know if the accident northern university will require them to write post UTME or not.

And of course, if a school won't conduct an entrance exam, it may go for either online screening only or with physical screening.

So, which of the admission methods is being adopted by the university?

In this post, I will be showing you, not only the method of admission to expect, if you're considering ABU in JAMB UTME/DE, or planning to change to the university, but also to let you understand, in full but briefly, related admission activities.

Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Will Conduct Post-UTME

The bad news is that Ahmadu Bello University will conduct post-UTME for all its aspirants if you're trying to avoid any exam after scaping through the JAMB UTME. By post UTME, it means the computer-based test.

So, if you're seeking admission here, be prepared for the task ahead.

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ABU May Not Conduct Post UTME On Certain Occasions

It's not in the habit of the university not to do post-UTME. However, if there is a situation beyond its control, the management may decide to use online screening only (without the physical presence of the aspirants on campus).

For example, as an aftermath of COVID-19, the university resolved to online screening in the year 2019/2020. Other likely issues that may call for such a no-exam method include nationwide social unrest and engaged industrial action such as the ASUU strike.

In short, where the university has the time and convenience of writing post-UTME, it won't do otherwise.

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Stages to Expect in ABU Post UTME and Admission

  1. The university's management will announce the sale of its post-UTME form through the official admission portal
  2. Within the sale period, aspirants who consider the university as their first choice school will obtain the form
  3. You're to supply your bio-data, O'level, and JAMB details ding the registration (though JAMB most JAMB details must have already been collected by the university from JAMB)
  4. After the online registration, the university will require all applicants to return to the portal, a few days later, to print their exam schedule.
  5. The post-UTME (CBT) will hold within the school premises
  6. A few days after the exam, the management will release the results for you to check and print
  7. It's usually through this result that each department will draw its cut-off marks (this is usually not made public).
  8. Aspirants who meet their cut-off marks will be shortlisted on the JAMB portal through the JAMB CAPS.
  9. A few candidates will be transferred to other courses and they're expected to accept that on the JAMB portal, and change to them before they can be offered the course eventually.
  10. After being offered admission on the JAMB portal, you're to print the JAMB admission letter and original JAMB result. You will need them later.
  11. In no time, the school management will also release the admission lists on the school portal. Here, you're to accept the admission by making the acceptance fee payment before you can proceed to school for the freshers' screening and documentation.

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