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After the Transfer, I Was Not Given Admission. Why?

One Mr. Grace just contacted me through my instant reply service. The young man was offered admission by the University of Benin (UNIBEN). The admission wasn't the general offer, it was the transfer of admission.

That happens when a school is trying to give you a new course other than the one you initially applied for. But the management and JAMB wish to be sure you want the course or otherwise.

My post, "JAMB Transfer Approval: Check, Accept and Next Steps" has actually detailed what transfer admission was on the JAMB portal.

However, in the case of Grace, he saw the transfer, went to the JAMB CBT centre and changed to the course transferred to. Yet, never offered admission in the end.

And under normal circumstances, if a school/JAMB transfers you to another course and you make the change at a CBT centre, you're supposed to be offered the course eventually.

But why was he not offered admission despite the conditions met?

He Didn't Accept the Course and Transferred To the First

After asking him a few questions, I requested his login details and did my own work from my end here.

The young man didn't do all things well.

He was transferred. He changed to the same course transferred to and sat back to expect an admission offer finally.

He missed accepting the course transferred to first.

Yes, the first thing you would do if you're transferred to a new course is to accept the course first on the JAMB portal. After that, you will visit any accredited CBT centre and change to the course transferred to before you could sit back and expect the final offer.

By accepting the transfer of admission, I mean, you MUST CLICK ON THE "ACCEPT" BUTTON.

There will be two buttons on your transfer approval page as shown below.

So, the first step is to click the ACCEPT

After that, your page will reload and show the ACCEPTED section with green background as shown below.

If it doesn't show immediately after accepting, log out of your JAMB CAPS and log in again. Go back to the transfer approval and see if it's showing.

Once it's showing, you've done all well.

However, if you're reading this post after you've already changed to the course transferred to, you can still, of course, accept it at any time before the next admission list.

Accepting the transfer too late is actually not good but if the school is still releasing lists, by the time of doing this, you seem to have some hope.

In summary, if you're transferred to a new course, there are two steps follow:

  1. Accept the offer by CLICKING the Accept button
  2. Change to the new course at a CBT centre

You can also change the course first before CLICKING on the accept button to accept (if it's not too late for that).

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There Are Other Reasons You May Not Be Offered the Transferred Course

Although what happened to Grace in the story above was not clicking the accept button, there are other candidates who had done that and changed to the new courses. Yet, they're not offered the courses transferred to in the end.

There are a few reasons you may not be offered admission even if you're transferred.

Among these are:

  1. failure to upload your results to the JAMB portal or not reflecting after the upload
  2. being below the admission age requirement
  3. the subject combination for the new course was not met
  4. deficiencies in O'level results

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