What To Do If You Miss Acceptance Fee Deadline?

In the last two weeks, more than five students have contacted me about missing their school acceptance fee deadline.

These students, due to circumstances beyond their control, some personal reasons, or not even knowing that the school has offered them admission, missed out on the payment of the acceptance fee or the closing date given.

Some of them now have the money but the portal was already closed for the payment. 

They don't know what next to do regards this mess. Should they go to school and complain? Should they wait for the possible reopening of the portal? Is it gone for the year - meaning they've lost the admission?

In this post, we will look into this concern and explore a few ways out of it.

The Time Margin Between Deadline and Now Matters

Before you can be too expectant about possible ways out, you have to be sure the date between the deadline missed and the time you're aware of is not too wide.

For example, if the deadline is May 15 and you could not meet up with that deadline or are released late by May 20, this is not too far apart. I think there can be a solution within this short time.

This is different from a student who has missed paying u the acceptance fee for two weeks or a whole month. In short, a week apart may be more promising for a solution than a month or so apart.

Find Out For Possible Extension

Past experience with some schools can teach you about possible extensions. If you've missed the acceptance fee closing date of schools such as Kwara State College of Health Offa, Federal University Oye Ekiti, Adekunle Ajasin University, Ekiti State University, Osun State University, etc., I have the confidence to tell you that, in the past, these schools have extended their deadlines.

In fact, most of them will just set the closing date just to give students reasons to hurry up. If you make an attempt to pay the money after the announced deadline, you'll be surprised that the payment is being accepted.

So, don't panic yet. Just visit the school portal to check if it's been extended officially. If not, try to make the payment. If successful, it simply means the payment has been extended. Congratulations to you!

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You Can Take Advantage of Schools Yet To Realize 2nd or 3rd Batch

There are schools that will not close their acceptance fee permanently until the final lists. These schools may announce the payment deadline for their acceptance fees when releasing the first batch. That date may be extended till they finally release other batches.

For example, Adekunle Ajasin University will announce the deadline for the first batch admission list even when some students are still obtaining their forms. The management will not change this date on the school portal but first, batch candidates will be able to still pay after the deadline all through to the end of the admission for the year. The school, like many others, may do that to accommodate other batches.

Visit the School ICT or Admission Office If Necessary

If you don't know the possibility of an extension by your own school or if the distance between the deadline and the time you get to know or you're ready to pay is too far apart, you may want to consider traveling to the school to explain yourself.

I was recently contacted by a student admitted by the Federal University Minna. He told me he missed the deadline to pay the acceptance fee. The date has been about a month or a month. I had to advise him to visit the school since I did have enough information about the possible extension like the earlier listed schools.

While gidding him, I told him to visit the school ICT first and seek help for such a payment. I chose that approach because some school ICT centers can manipulate the system to ay in for you even after the official deadline. But you have to be sure you're speaking with the right person - scammers are out there!

The ICT can't help, proceed to eh admission office to report yourself and seek help. In some cases, where the decision is beyond the ICT center, they're likely to tell you to go to the admission office and get a letter that will instruct them to make the payment for you or help you in any way.

Back to my friend's story. The guy was able to pay for the acceptance fee after speaking with them at the admission office.

Contact The School Admission Office Online to Avoid Travelling

I know, not all students can travel to schools to confirm any possible extension or help in case of missing payment deadlines. In this case, you can find means to reach the school without leaving for school.

You may be lucky if you can get a support email from your school or an official phone number you can call.

To do this, visit your school's official website. Navigate to the bottom of the page to check if there are emails and phones number you can call. Some schools will also have these pieces of information if you open their "contact us" links.

Unfortunately though, while many of these schools rarely reply to emails or picked calls when called (if it's reachable at all), a few may take days before replying to emails with just a few taking emails seriously. In the end, it may be worth trying!


It's not uncommon to seek candidates who miss out on the deadline to pay their acceptance fees. This is not the end if you can follow the right ways to approach this mess.'

In this post, we've covered all possible ways out and explore practical experiences of people who have been in your shoes and how they went about things.

Wishing you luck!

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