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Can Part-Time Candidates Apply for Full-Time (JAMB) Again?

While running a part-time course in a university, polytechnic or college of education, you may have a change of mind that you'd better come in through JAMB. So, you want to confirm the possibility of obtaining UTME while you're already a part-time student.

  1. Is there anything you must know if you want to consider JAMB again, as a part-time student?
  2. Won't your part-time admission or programme be affected if you obtain the JAMB form?
  3. Is there any steps you're required to take as a part-time student before you can cross to a full-time programme from a part-time course

Above and similar other questions will be answered in this post.

Let's ride on!

Part-Time Programme is Clearly Different From a Full-Time Programme

One area that may get you confused is thinking that there is a direct relation between your existing programme and full-time course. No!

Even though we have both full-time and part-time courses being run by the same or different schools, the two programmes are clearly different. Hence, they never overlap in any way.

In fact, I once assured in the post, "Is it Possible to Run Two Degree/PGD Courses Together?" that a candidate can run the two programmes together on different or the same campus.

And that decision will not have any legal sanction if you care to know.

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Part-Time Students Are Legally Allowed to Obtain UTME

To cross to another course or full-time programme, you, as a part-time student, can obtain the JAMB UTME form.

Of course, your intention may be to leave the part-time programme completely or to run the two programmes together. 

This conforms with my position when I answered a similar question, "Can I obtain UMTE together with a part-time form?"

The two choices are possible without limits.

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Why Changing Your Programme to Full-Time?

Is it because of financial responsibility? Is it because of NYSC?

Most candidates are considering full-time over part-time due to the fear that they may not eventually serve at the end of the programme. Some got in before they realised it would cost more than for a full-time course.

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As a matter of fact, you're right about the two but there are a few things you may want to know before deciding finally.

  1. The daily part-time programme is more or less the same as the full-time programme. If you're running one already, you should have got this since you attend classes every day (even though it could be afternoon instead of morning).
  2. Daily part-time will still allow you to serve (at NYSC) in the end. If ND daily part-time, you can cross to a university through direct entry admission. You can also continue with HND full-time to allow you to serve at NYSC.
  3. If regular part-time (weekends), this may help you to work while still schooling. Even though NYSC is not promised, if your school, however, instructs you to register with JAMB, that may be a way to let you serve at the end of the programme.


As a part-time student, you're allowed and can obtain the JAMB form again to process a full-time course admission. The result of this may allow you to move to a full-time course in the same or different school (as detailed in the post). Yet, the decision to cross to the full-time using UTME should be taken with a reassurance that you know what you're doing.

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