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Wednesday, 16 October 2019

What to Do If Change of Institution Doesn't Reflect? See Answer

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I keep getting new questions surrounding the change of institutions and courses. Some candidates had issues with the reflection of their courses, some, institutions and so on. As a result, there is a need to post fresh content to answer some disturbing questions. Here comes another: What Can I do If My Change of Institution Doesn't Reflect?

Before I answer this question, some of my previous posts might have covered your concern or they may interest you to solve similar messes.

Take a look at these:
  1. After Changing Institutions, How To Know If It Has Reflected
  2. Change of Course Has Not Reflected, Can I Register Post UTME? See Answer
  3. Can I Do Change of Institution and Post UTME The Same Day? See Answer

In order not to take you off what you're NOT looking for, post number 1 above can help you on how to confirm if it has reflected or not. Use that guide if you're still confused about how to check it.

If you're contemplating on whether you can still register Post UTME before the change reflects, use the guide number 2. Some schools will allow you to register for their post UTMEs before your changes reflect on their portal.

The guide 3 is the twin sister to the one above it. If you're just doing the change of institution today or in few days and want to register for post UTME the same day or a few days later, you will find that guide handy.

What To Do If Change of Institution Doesn't Reflect

There is a thing to know upfront before my recommendations.

Must your new school collect your registration details from JAMB before you register for her post UTME?

For some schools, they wait to collect your details form JAMB before they can allow you to register for their Post UTMEs. For some, no need to wait for JAMB updates before you can register. If you fall to the former, you must wait. If the latter, you can continue with your registration without expecting any reflection on the school portal first. That's what I detailed in the Guide 2 above.

My Recommendations

1. Wait Until a Few Days to The Post UTME Closing Date.

Candidates asked this question when they're eager to do their new schools' post-UTMEs but find out it has not reflected on their portals. So, what do you do? You wait. Then, how long? Wait till a day or two before the closing day of your proposed school post UTME.

Some schools will not update their admission portal database until 24 hours or less to the closing date of their post UTME registrations. Candidates may be unnecessarily bothered. Yet, you must wait. It will eventually reflect unless the school aims to extend their post UTME registration deadlines.

2. Check If You Meet the JAMB Cut Off Marks Announced

Some schools have announced 180 and above for their post UTMEs. Unfortunately, a few students rush to effect change on the JAMB portal without meeting up with this requirement. They just change to the school, perhaps, with the old knowledge of their previous cut off marks or something related.

I had recently tried registering for a candidate post UTME to FUTA. We waited for months to see his change of institution to reflect. But nothing until the post UTME was over. I had blamed the school for the omission before I noticed that the poor guy scored less than the cut off mark announced by the university.

Meanwhile, the university would only ask JAMB to send details of applicants who met their cut off marks of 180 and above. Nothing less!

3. Check If You Chose The School Rightly - the First Choice?

Similar to the number 2 above, some schools are not accepting 2nd choice candidates. A few students who had the knowledge that the school was used to accept 2nd choice might just change to them as the second institution not knowing that the policy has been changed to the first choice only. 

Be sure you're not making the same mistake. If you're choosing a school accepting first choice candidates only as your own second choice institution, your JAMB change will not reflect. If that school is on the second position, check the school post-UTME advert to see if they are opened to you. If not, that could be the reason why things are not reflecting. 

4. Check If the Post UTME is Not Closed

Sometimes you may be campaigning after the election.

Consider going back to the website page where the school announced the sales of the post UTME and closing date for the form. See if the day has not passed. If it has, you shouldn't expect the school to accept any further changes from JAMB.

Similarly, confirm if there is an announcement of the extension of the sales of the form. You may be reassured of further patience if the school extends things.

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