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What Are The Differences Between HND and OND?

Differences Between HND and OND explained
One of my readers asked: what is the difference between HND and OND? I've also got questions such as, which one is higher between HND and OND?

They wouldn’t have if he had earlier seen my post on this. I had earlier explained the difference among the qualifications such as BSC, HND, ND, NCE, IJMB, JUPEB, NABTEB Advance, Cambridge Advance etc. You can take a moment to read that.

But to be fair to him, let's see the main differences between the two programmes as explained below.

HND and O(ND) Differences Explained

  1. The full meaning of OND is Ordinary National Diploma (also shortened ND) whereas HND is Higher National Diploma.
  2. HND is opened to holders of OND. In other words, you must have completed OND before going for HND. Whereas, OND is opened to SSCE holders. All you need to study this is O’level (SSCE) result and passing JAMB UTME (except in part-time programmes or Health Technology programmes)
  3. Both are two years programme each. You spend two years for ND whereas HND will be four years together with ND i.e. 2 years ND plus 2 years HND
  4. HND requires one-year Industrial training (IT) participation before holders of ND can obtain the form.
  5. HND is equivalent to Bsc (university degree) and can be used for secure jobs. ND holders can equally work with their qualifications.
  6. HND holders can proceed to National Service (NYSC) after completion of their programmes. ND holders can only proceed to IT and later for HND or BSc (through JAMB direct entry)

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