Can I Use NABTEB for Law, Mass Comm, Linguistics or Any Art Course? -

Can I Use NABTEB for Law, Mass Comm, Linguistics or Any Art Course?

It’s time to talk about whether you can use NABTEB results for admission into several art courses including Mass Communication, Law, Linguistics, etc. The question this post is here to answer is if universities offering art courses will accept NABTEB for them.

Let me take you back a bit.

NABTEB is a Nigerian-recognized SSCE result. But because of nature, most students believe the result is only suitable and acceptable for science courses. This is because some are not aware that NABTEB includes O’level subjects such as Literature-in-English, CRS, Government, etc which are primarily needed for admissions into art courses in the university, polytechnic, or colleges of education.

If you have read about compulsory subjects for Art, Commercial, or Science Students in SSCE, this shouldn’t be new to you.

In brief, just like WAEC and NECO, NABTEB is allowed for admission into any of the art courses - be it at a university, polytechnic, or college of education. Buy NECO, WAEC, or NABTEB Result Checking Card to check and print your results.

Hence, you can use the result for Mass Communication, Law, English, English Literature, Political Science, and others covered in this post.

Acceptance of NABTEB Results for Art Courses according to JAMB Brochure

We all know that the JAMB brochure is the central resource for all schools to explain what they want for each of their courses. It's also a go-to book for students to find out what they must have handy before pursuing admissions.

Below are a few areas where the JAMB brochure supports my takes on this.
  1. Civil Law: JAMB O’level Requirement is Five (5) O’level credit passes to include English Language, Literature in English, and Mathematics. By this, it means once your SSCE result contains the listed subjects, you’re good to go. Note that where JAMB says O’level, it means any of WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, NBAIS, or their equivalence.
  2. Common-Law: Five (5) SSCE (including NABTEB) credit passes to include English Language, Literature-in-English, and any other three (3) Arts/Social Science subjects.
  3. Islamic/Sharia Law: Five (5) O’level (including NABTEB) credit passes in Arts or Social Sciences to include English Language and Islamic Studies or Arabic.
  4. Mass Communication: JAMB requires Five (5) SSCE (including NABTEB) credit passes to include English Language, Literature in English, and Government plus a pass in Mathematics.
  5. Linguistics: Five (5) SSCE (including NABTEB) credit passes including the English Language.

These are just a few art courses, you can use NABTEB for generally all art, social science, and science courses.

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Does This Mean You Can Use NABTEB For All Admissions?

Yes, you can. In fact, all universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education are accepting NABTEB for not only the art courses but also Commercial and science courses.

However, some schools of nursing are still not accepting NABTEB to date. See those who are accepting it and those who are not.

The good news however is, more of these schools will accept it in the future.

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