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When Will WAEC Release HELD Results?

HELD result
If you have read my post "Why WAEC/NECO/NABTEB Withholds or Outstands Results", a quick reference was made to the time you should be expecting WAEC to release your results if held.

However, the focus of that post was to list why the results were held in the first place. Also, the post included the reasons for outstanding and when outstanding results will be released which in summary should be in a few days or weeks after the release of the results.

For the held results, however, the time to be released needs a special look at the situations surrounding it and there is a particular month of the year to look up to every now and then.

Some students are curious to know how soon WAEC will release their held results. In this post, I will be answering your question. 

WAEC Will Release HELD Results Following the NEC Meeting

Yearly, WAEC has to set up a committee which is named NEC. The Nigeria Examinations Committee (NEC) is the Council's highest decision-making organ on examination-related matters.

This committee will look into the reported cases and decide on results to be eventually released and those to be finally canceled.

Their meetings are held every October (with necessary changes if important. For example, the meeting was held, for 2021 May/June, between Tuesday, 27th to Wednesday, 28th April 2021). Hence, before a student with held results can know his final fate, it will be after this sitting.

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WAEC Will Release HELD May/June Results in October

Though no date will be announced prior to the NEC meeting for the release of HELD results, affected students and the public should be aware that cleared results will be released before the end of October.

From experience, it's safe to say that the NEC meeting will be held in the middle of the month, while the results should be out 13th to the 15th of the month. If you're reading this after 15th October, you can recheck your result now as it must have been released for checking.


To confirm the correctness of this information, the exam body has also announced that the 74th meeting of the Nigeria Examinations Committee (NEC), of the West African Examinations Council, will be held from Monday, 10th to Wednesday, 12th October 2022.

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WAEC Will Release HELD Nov/Dec Results in About Two Months After

We now have two WAEC GCE - the Jan/Feb or 1st series and the Aug/Sept or 2nd series. If WAEC should hold any of these results, it's not easy to be specific about the date or day when to expect its release.

What is certain is that the council will release your results, if we follow the same pattern in the May/June WAEC, about two months after the release of the general results. Therefore, if results were generally released in February, you should check back by April. 

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Official Updates On Release Period For HELD Results

In the buttress of my point that WAEC held results will be released by October/November, below is the official announcement for the 2022 WAEC May/June.

Please be informed that Candidates whose results were “ Withheld or Held”  for their alleged involvement in examination malpractice, will know their fate after the Nigeria Examination Committee( NEC), meets in October/November 2022. Note that the results of those not found guilty will be released while the results of those found guilty will be canceled. Thank you.

Important Official Conditions to Note After NEC Decisions

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC), wishes to inform candidates, stakeholders, and the general public that there is now a time limit for them to challenge the decisions of the Nigeria Examinations Committee (NEC) on examination malpractice cases. This is because NEC, which is the Council's highest decision-making organ on examination-related matters rose from its meeting with the following decisions:

  1. All exhibits should be disposed of one (1) year after the release of results;
  2. The decision to dispose of exhibits one year after the release of results should be publicized using the Council's website, social media, paid advertisements, schools, and direct contact with candidates;
  3. Appeals against NEC decisions should be received from affected schools/candidates within one (1) year from the date of the release of results of the examination;
  4. Appeals against decisions taken years ago should cease after one (1) year from this decision taken at the 71st Meeting of NEC;
  5. All exhibits in storage in the Council should be properly disposed of at the expiration of a period of one (1) year from the date of the decision of this Committee if there are no pending litigations that would require them.

This development is in keeping with the Council's Vision and Mission and in consonance with international best practices. Candidates, stakeholders, and the general public should, therefore, take note.

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