is WAEC Using CBT (Computers) For May/June and GCE? -
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is WAEC Using CBT (Computers) For May/June and GCE?

A neighbor recently called to inquire if I could train his ward for computer-based exams. She wanted him to prepare ahead of WAEC, having heard that WAEC is now using computers to set questions and that students will have to make use of computers for the final exam in secondary schools.

I was wondering why the guy needed to learn to use a computer for exams, except he wanted to take JAMB UTME or DE. So, when I asked, the woman argued that WAEC will also use CBT starting from 2024.

Now, I know where the issue is from. And that's what I'm about to share in this post. This post will not only answer the question of whether senior secondary students preparing for WAEC will use CBT, but it will also address related concerns.

WAEC Started Using CBT For Its GCE Starting From 2024 Truly

The West African Examination Council has started adopting CBT for its WAEC GCE. Starting from the first series of its GCE (remember we now have Jan/Feb WAEC and Aug/Sept WAEC GCE?), the council will be using computers for its exams.

Of course, when proposed, the council faced several criticisms from stakeholders and the general public. However, they went on to use the CBT. In the end, the council reported success in the conduct of the exam, with its results later released with the same success story.

WAEC Is Yet To Introduce CBT For The May/June Exams

For the purpose of clarity, the CBT was only introduced to and used for the GCE series of its exams. They've not included it for the school candidates who will be sitting for the May/June series.

Of course, in my opinion, it will happen in time because introducing this for the GCE is sending a message to school candidates too. However, as of the time of this writing (2024/2025), the school candidates are not expected to use or prepare for CBT.

Final Thought

As an education consultant, I've seen how CBT was introduced for JAMB back in the year. It's likely that WAEC will take the same approach. Now that it's been used for the GCE and success recorded, in the next few years the council will perfect possible issues and concerns before they can introduce that to the school candidates (May/June).

Even when that happens, it's possible that the first or second year, candidates will be allowed to make choices of whether they want to use CBT or the traditional paper-and-pencil. Later on, all will be forced to adapt to the use of CBT.

Key Takeaways:

  1. GCE Adopts CBT: Starting from 2024, WAEC has begun using CBT for its General Certificate Examination (GCE) series. This change indicates WAEC's move towards modernizing its examination processes.
  2. May/June Exams Unchanged: As of 2024/2025, the traditional May/June examinations for school candidates remain unaffected by this change and continue without the inclusion of CBT.
  3. Future Possibilities: The successful adoption of CBT for the GCE suggests a likelihood of eventual implementation for the May/June school candidates, albeit with possible options initially allowing candidates to choose between CBT and paper-and-pencil formats.

Tips for Preparation and Adaptation

  1. Familiarize with CBT: Students and educators should start familiarizing themselves with the computer-based testing format, given the trend towards its adoption.
  2. Enhance Computer Skills: Developing basic computer skills, such as typing and navigating online platforms, will become increasingly important for students preparing for future exams.
  3. Stay Informed: Keep abreast of official announcements from WAEC regarding examination formats to ensure accurate preparation strategies.
  4. Practice with Online Resources: Utilize available online resources and practice platforms designed to simulate the CBT environment, aiding in better exam preparedness.
  5. Embrace Change: While changes can be challenging, adapting to CBT offers the opportunity to develop skills that are increasingly relevant in a digital world.

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