My School Verified My Result But No Admission Yet (AIP) -

My School Verified My Result But No Admission Yet (AIP)

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Now that one of the crucial steps to be qualified for Direct Entry (DE) admission is for the former school, polytechnic, college of education, college of health or nursing, or university to verify the results each DE applicant submitted during the DE application, some students are still worried about why they're yet to be offered admission even after the verification has been done by their schools.
In this post, I will be talking about what could likely be the issue with your application or why your proposed university has not admitted you even right after your result has been verified by your former school.

Is Your Status "Admission In Progress (AIP)"?

There are two possible statuses right now on your JAMB CAPS. It could read Admission in Progress (AIP) or Not Admitted. Which one is yours? Let's start with AIP! If your admission is in progress, in fact, it is good news, as this marks the fact that your proposed university and JAMB are looking into your application, results, grades (GPA), transcripts, etc. As soon as these processes are complete between the two parties, though it may take a long or short time, you'll be notified if admitted or otherwise. So, be patient and watch the page from time to time for any difference sooner. The little secret is that with AIP, you're admission is more certain!

JAMB Confirms AIP for DE Applicants

In an interaction between a concerned DE applicant and JAMB, you'll see the same story unveiled. Victor complained.
My school has verified my A' level results but still waiting for JAMB admission for the past one month. While my admission status is showing on progress, check back later. 

Be aware that many factors can be responsible for "admission in progress"; be patient while your application passes through the usual administrative procedure.

Is Your Status "Not Admitted"?

If what you have on your status now is "Not Admitted", even after your school has verified your DE result, there are two possibilities. Your proposed university might have not started giving admission in the first place. The fact that you've applied for DE, written JAMB DE, result verified, or participated in the post-DE (if any) doesn't mean that the proposed university will admit you immediately.
Schools have their calendar and logistics. So, even if other universities are already releasing admission, it doesn't mean yours should be within the same period. Your proposed university can take its time and follow its own pace.

If the university has started offering other DE applicants admission but not yet you, it could mean your department is yet to be processing admission for its own candidates. These days, admission lists are released by departments and may not be at the same time. If your department is already admitting others, it's possible that it's not yet your turn; you might not be offered admission eventually. Speaking of not being eventually admitted, it's no rule of thumb that once a candidate seeks admission, he or she must be admitted, Nope! So, if your university and department are releasing lists but you're still seeing "not admitted," you may need to wait a while before losing hope. You may still be lucky in the end. In fact, some universities usually transfer applicants to other courses, and that usually happens in the late hours of the admission exercise.
However, don't forget that this is a matter of grade, GPA, course competition, department space, etc. We can't be sure if you will win in the end unless you're the overall best applicant they can't avoid.


The Direct Entry admission process involves thorough verification and consideration by both the proposed university and JAMB. A status of "Admission In Progress (AIP)" signifies ongoing evaluation, requiring patience until a final decision is reached. Conversely, a "Not Admitted" status may be due to the university's individual timeline or departmental processing.

Persistence is key, as admission is not guaranteed, and alternative outcomes, such as course transfers, may occur. The complexities of grade, GPA, and departmental dynamics influence the final result. Applicants are advised to remain vigilant and await notifications while understanding the nuanced nature of the admission process.

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