Name Matching Issues: Solutions for Direct Entry Applicants -

Name Matching Issues: Solutions for Direct Entry Applicants

This post addresses the concern over name differences between O-level and A-level results in DE applications, emphasizing the necessity for exact name alignment between various certificates; options for resolution include correcting names on higher qualification certificates or obtaining a new SSCE with matching names, while court affidavits are not considered a viable solution according to JAMB.

There is a concern about using results for Direct Entry (DE) applications. The issue is the name difference between O-level results and A-level results. It's not uncommon to see students with one or two differences in their names when comparing how it's written on SSCE results and their A-level, ND, NCE, BSc, RN, or HND results or certificates.

Whereas these two results will be required to apply for direct entry. Then, there is a need to ask and get the answer to the question "What if the names on my O'level are different from the names on the other result or certificate?".

In this post, speaking from experience and sharing the official release regarding this, I will answer your question and address related matters.

Name Has Become A Serious Matter in Admission

As cases arise, JAMB and schools are taking name differences so seriously when it comes to admission and other academic matters such as NYSC. In fact, with the introduction of NIN, things got stricter when errors came up in names and other identification bios.

So, to register for DE, unsurprisingly, the names on your SSCE results should be exactly the same as the names on your IJMB, JUPEB, RN, NCE, ND, HND, or BSc results. This is the official requirement.

JAMB, while addressing the same concern, affirmed that names must be the same on O'level results and other required documents for the purpose of DE registration and admission.

What Do You Do When Names Don't Match

As a matter of fact, it won't matter whether it's just a spelling mistake, one or two name differences, or misarrangement or order of the names, JAMB and your proposed school may not be lenient with such. In this case, there are possible ways out:

1. Suspend De Application Until You Resolve The Name Issues

This is by far the best option. However, names on SSCE results are generally not amendable as WAEC and other SSCE bodies have declared on different occasions that they won't be changing names for candidates once the certificate has been issued.

No doubt, if you're applying for DE admission, your certificate must have been prepared even if not yet issued to you or collected. Hence, you're left with the option to correct the names on your higher qualification result, especially if the awarding institution will be of help. Approach the school or the office in charge and let them know the challenge. They will direct you rightly on the steps to take to have the names corrected. This will be easier if the errors emanate from them. Once corrected, you can then proceed with the DE application - if you don't meet up this year, you can do it next year.

2. Write another SSCE

Yes, you can just register for another SSCE; WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB to bear the names on your higher certificate. With that, JAMB may demand the result used to process or gain admission into your higher qualification. Then, you can tender the old result, but for the processing of the admission through the DE, you'll use the new result.

The Place of Court Affidavits

On a few occasions, candidates have thought of resolving to get court affidavits to back up errors in their names or other details. This may not work here. In fact, it's been turned down by JAMB several times in the past.

In a recent interaction with JAMB, the board reassured candidates as stated below:

In conclusion, ensuring consistency in names across educational certificates is crucial for Direct Entry applications, with options available to rectify discrepancies, though court affidavits are not recommended as a solution according to JAMB's guidelines, underscoring the importance of proactive measures in resolving such issues for successful admission processes.

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