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How to Get Secondary School Testimonials

It's not uncommon for universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, and other institutions to request applicants' secondary school testimonials for admission purposes.

Even in job applications, some organizations not only ask for primary school certificates/testimonials but also include secondary testimonials as a prerequisite for the interview.

So, how do you get that if needed? This is the question answered in this post.

Visit Your School to Collect the Testimonial

Just as I recommended for the primary school testimonial, to collect the secondary school testimonial, you'll also need to return to the school where you had your secondary school education.

The testimonial is different from your SSCE certificate (e.g., WAEC, NECO, NABTEB). It's merely a document affirming that you attended the secondary school between a particular year range. It also accounts for your responsibilities while in the school, especially if you were a prefect or awarded in any way. It won't leave out any of your bad deeds if the school had such a record kept.

Hence, if you've already collected your SSCE result, you will still need to go back to the school for the testimonial. Some schools, in fact, prefer giving out both when students return for either of them. So, you may not get one without the other!

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If You Started from SS1 in the School

Firstly, when a secondary school testimonial is requested, it's not referring to the junior school testimonial. In most cases, JSS testimonials won't be asked for by any school or organization. So, if you're being asked to bring "testimonial" it's usually for your senior school.

In a usual case, if you completed your secondary school education (i.e., from JSS 1 to SS 3) in the same school, your testimonial would state the year range and account for the number of years spent. If, however, you had your junior school elsewhere, the testimonial may only record that of the 3 years spent in the senior school. 

Some schools, though, might issue it for the 6 years, even if you didn't start with them from JSS1, probably if you would ask for such a favor! Whether it indicates 3 years or 6 years, it's acceptable for your reference for your admission or job.

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Where Your School No Longer Exists

It's not uncommon to see schools winding up years after producing some students. If such students will need their results or testimonial in the future, they'll need to visit the town of the exam and seek help from the education liaison office.

I've accounted for the process in my post, "My School No Longer Exist, How to Get WAEC Certificate?". In short, the Education Liaison Office of a local government has records of schools that have come and gone within its jurisdiction and can issue acceptable testimonials on behalf of those closed schools.

You Can Collect Testimonials by Proxy

One usual situation is having no time or resources to go back to the town of your secondary school or visit the school. You can send any family member around to help you collect your testimonial and send it to you wherever you are.

With reliable evidence of your connection or relationship with the proxy, it's not uncommon to see schools processing and issuing testimonials to other people, e.g., father, mother, aunt, etc., on behalf of the students.

Reissue of Testimonials Is Possible

Unlike certificates that may not be reissued to students if lost or damaged, testimonials can be collected twice or more in case of loss or damage.

As you might have thought, the schools are in charge of the testimonials and can reissue them over and over. It's just a matter of typing the usual wordings on the school letterheads. That's different from certificates that will be collected from the exam bodies and given to the students - a one-time issue!


In securing your secondary school testimonial, returning to your alma mater remains key. This document, distinct from your exam certificates, encapsulates your school tenure, acknowledging responsibilities and achievements. Whether procuring it directly or through a liaison office, ensuring its retrieval proves pivotal for academic pursuits or career endeavors. The possibility of proxy collection or reissuance, unlike certificates, offers flexibility and redundancy. 

Understanding these retrieval avenues empowers alumni to navigate the testimonial acquisition process effectively. Your secondary school testimonial stands as a testament to your educational journey, validating your tenure and contributions, poised to aid in your future aspirations and pursuits.

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