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How To Calculate UNILORIN Aggregate Score For Admission

Is the following line familiar to you?

Admission will be based on an aggregate of UTME/DE score (50%); Post-UTME screening score (30%); and five (5) relevant O’level grades (20%).

That's borrowed from the official announcement by the University of Ilorin management for the previous admission exercise.

Until that year, most candidates were not aware of how the university calculates its aggregate point and how the JAMB score, post UTME, and O'level grade and put together to determine whether you'll be offered admission or otherwise.

As simple as that summary might look, it's still difficult for most candidates to interpret or relate. In this post, I'll hold you by the hand and break things down for you. Before the end of your reading, you'll clearly understand how to calculate UNILORIN aggregate score.

Before we dive into the pool of simple arithmetic to calculate the aggregate score, let's get some basics.

Your JAMB Score Qualifies You For Post UTME

UNILORIN have different JAMB score drawn for different department or courses. This is called the JAMB cut-off mark for your course.

If you meet the score, you'll be able to proceed with the UNILORIN post-UTME registration. Otherwise, you may need to change your score to the one you meet or totally turn away from the university.

You'll still need this JAMB score when calculating the aggregate score. You'll see that later in this post.

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You Must Score at Least 50% In Post UTME

UNILORIN post-UTME questions are usually 60 in all. The total mark for these questions is 100. If you score half, i.e. 30/60 or 50%, you're qualified to hope for admission. 

Even though 50% doesn't guarantee your admission as some courses may be too competitive to stand any chance with that average, scoring any mark less than it is a dead end. Forget UNILORIN, even if you just have 49%, and run to another school to try your luck.

You'll also need this as your post-UTME score in the final calculation of the aggregate score. Keep following!

You Must Have 5 O'level Subjects Required For Your Course

I've noticed that some students will write the correct subjects in JAMB but they don't have the right SSCE subjects in their WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB. In fact, the UNILORIN system won't accept a wrong O'level subject from you. 

Whereas, you'll need the required 5 O'level subjects during the final aggregate score calculation. If you do have, congratulations. 

Each related O'level subject carries points as follows: A=6, B2=5, B3=4, C4=3, C5=2, C6=1). 

Now, let's calculate!

Calculating UNILORIN Aggregate Score

Let's use some variables, for example, if you score:

  1. 270 in JAMB
  2. 65 Post UTME
  3. and have the 5 subjects required for your proposed course (with points 3, 2, 6, 2, and 1)

Now, let's bring back the official premises for the calculation of the aggregate score.

Admission will be based on an aggregate of:

  1. UTME/DE score (50%)
  2. Post-UTME screening score (30%); and 
  3. five (5) relevant O’level grades (20%).

Now the calculation using the variables earlier listed,

  1. 270/400 multiplied by 50 = 33.75
  2. 65/100 multiplied by 30 = 19.5
  3. 3+2+6+2+1 = 14

Total Aggregate Point/Score = 67%

Offer of Admissions Based On The Aggregate Point/Score

Admission will be offered based on the final aggregate point. Each department will have its aggregate point, of course. However, that will not be made public.

If you meet the aggregate point for your proposed course, you'll be offered admission into that department, all things being equal. Otherwise, the university can transfer you to another course through the JAMB portal - provided you meet the aggregate point for the new course.

You can then accept the course transferred to, change to it on the JAMB portal and expect the final admission offer to the new course.


As you can see, the set of aspirants that should be interested in knowing how to calculate the aggregate point or calculate it at all are those who have already met the post-UTME cut-off mark, partake in the post-UTME, and score 50% or above in that and possess the right subjects in their SSCE.

With all that met, even if the university won't offer you the course you aim for (usually if you have an aggregate point lower than the department's), you may be lucky if transferred to another course eventually.

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