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Will UNILORIN Write Post UTME or Screening?

Nature of UNILORIN Post UTME/Exams
While making the decision whether to choose UNILORIN in UTME or consider changing to her, candidates may want to know if the university conducts post UTME exams for her aspirants or she uses the screening method.

The difference between the two methods is obvious. If a school uses the Post UTME test, you have to prepare for the computer-based entrance exams before you can be offered admission. If it’s only admission screening, such a university won’t bother you to write any exams apart from UTME you had done earlier. 

For detailed differences, read “Post UTME: Will it be Exams or Admission Screening?”.

To the question - if you have to prepare for entrance exams or ready for screening, the answer is YES, the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) uses Post UTME until 2020/2021 admission year.

In other words, you will be tested again. The university uses a computer-based test for its applicants. The exams test them in English, Mathematics and General papers.

Having said that, you should take a look at how the university will conduct the exams below.

Nature of UNILORIN Post UTME Before 2020

  1. Before the exams, the management will announce the sales of their post UTME form usually called the pre-screening admission exercise.
  2. Applicants are expected to register online. During the registration, you’re to fill in your O’level results. Your JAMB details must have been obtained from Joint Admission and Matriculation Board directly by the university.
  3. After the registration, your printout should contain your exam date and venue; as candidates can choose whether to write the test at Lagos center or at the main campus – Ilorin.
  4. After the test, you must be above 50% before any hope of admission. If you score less, immediately consider changing to any institution to any other school whose post-UTME is still opened. If you’re competing for courses like Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, etc, you may need to score above 70 or 80 before any hope at all. Less completive courses may still work with 60 and thereabout.
  5. The university will later forward the lists of admitted candidates to JAMB to upload to CAPS. This is why you should continually be checking your admission status on CAPS so you can accept the admission on it when/if offered.
  6. After this, print the JAMB admission letter and wait for the school to upload the same list to the school portal for checking and acceptance.

2020 University of Ilorin Admission Update

Of course, due to the aftermath of the COVID-19, UNILORIN chose to adopt an online screening method this year. This method won't require applicants' presence on the campus to take part in the admission exercise.

Therefore, the university considered the online screening method. This is an Online Registration and Credential Assessment. Here, the university offered you admission based on the JAMB score, O'level grades in the required subjects, and available spaces for the proposed courses.

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  1. When is the actual date for Unilorinpost UTME exam date.
    Kindly let me know.

    1. No date announced yet. Keep following the news at http://www.unilorin.edu.ng/index.php

  2. Does unilorin direct entry applicants write post utme too or it's just physical screening?

  3. Sir, how possible is it to gain admission into UNILORIN using NCE in SOS/PES and DIpLOMA in Thaeology from RCBC to pursui CRS as course? And what is the duration? Thanks...


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