How Does UNILORIN Give Admissions To Its Aspirants? -

How Does UNILORIN Give Admissions To Its Aspirants?

Before choosing UNILORIN in JAMB or changing to it, you may want to know how the university gives its admissions. As a matter of fact, you should! 

Knowing this will help you know, upfront, if you'll stand a better chance with the "Better By Far" or if you have reasons to be doubtful or turn away from the university completely.

And if you've seen a few lists already released with the thought that the university is being partial to have not offered you your course, you may want to know how the management is giving admission to start with.

In this post, I will share some practical experiences with you if you want to know how UNILORIN management does offer admission to aspirants.

UNILORIN Admission Is Based On MCE

There are three main bases through which the University of Ilorin management does admit its students. That's coded in what I call "MCE"

  1. M stands for "Merit"
  2. C stands for "Catchment Area" and
  3. E stands for Educationally Less Developed States (ELDS)

1. UNILORIN Admission Based on Merit

UNILRON does admit on merit in case you're not aware or contrary to all the rumors out there. Without knowing anybody or being Muslim or Christian or northerners or Ilorians, you will be offered admission if you meet all the requirements of your proposed course.

What remains unclear though is the departmental cut-off mark being used for the merit or any other categories of admitted students. The University doesn't make this public and can sometimes be mistaken for being partial about the admission lists - especially the merit.

Another thing is that you'll stand a better chance to be on the merit list, with any course that is not as competitive. The university is well-known for giving its most competitive courses such as Medicine, Law, Pharmacy, Law, Nursing, etc. to candidates from its catchment areas and candidate from its owned JUPEB programs.

Other than that, with any less competitive course, if you merit the admission the management will gladly offer you.

The merit students usually constitute 45% of the total number of students to be admitted every year.

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2. UNILORIN Admission Based on Catchment Areas

The university is one of the top universities in Nigeria that doesn't toy with catchment areas. As earlier related, checking its department of Medicine, Law, Nursing, Pharmacy, etc., which are very competitive, you're likely to find 80% of students coming from Ilorin and other catchment areas.

It's not UNILORIN only in this shadow of selfishness, other universities including the University Ibadan, Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Federal University of Health Science Ila-orangun, etc. do consider students on merit too - though UNILORIN is so prominent.

If you should be lucky to fall into its catchment areas, you're more likely to be offered admission even with a lower mark than those from other states but with higher marks.

These students constitute 35% of the total number of students to be admitted every year.

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3. UNILORIN Admission Based on EDLS

Similar to the catchment areas, the Nigerian constitution and Ministry of Education have empowered all federal-owned institutions to admit students from the so-called "educationally less developed states" with lower scores.

These states which include Bayelsa, Ebonyi, Jigawa, Zamfara, Adamawa, Bauchi, Benue, Borno, Cross River, Gombe, Jigawa, Kano, Kaduna, Katsina, Kebbi, Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau, Rivers, Sokoto, Taraba and Yobe will benefit from this list. 

With lower marks than those on merit and even those in catchment areas, these sets of students will be admitted. These students constitute 20% of the total number of students to be admitted every year.

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UNILORIN Also Follows the 60:40 Admission Quotas

The Federal Government and the Ministry of Education have what is called the "Science/Art Ratio" for admission into institutions in Nigeria.

UNILORIN, which is one of the conventional universities is required to admit based on the 60:40 ratio for science and art courses.

Hence, the university will admit more science students than commercial and art students. For example, if the university will admit 12,000 students (that's the range of students they admit yearly), 60% of this (which is 7,200 students) are expected to be for science courses, while the remaining 40% (2,800) will be divided between commercial and art courses. 

In case, you're wondering while there are more science students on campus than the art and social science put together, there you have your answer.

It's safe to say if you're seeking a science course at the University of Ilorin, you stand a better chance than your friends seeking admission into an art or a management course.

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UNILORIN Admission Based on Transfer

Yes, the university is still motherly enough to transfer students who didn't meet the cut-off marks of their departments. There is a catch here though. 

Before you can be transferred from one course to another - probably because you didn't meet up with the cut-off mark of your intended course/department, you must have:

  1. met the cut-off mark to be qualified for the post-UTME of the university, 
  2. score at least 50% in the post-UTME and
  3. met the aggregate point for the course to be transferred to (even though it's usually not made public)

As a matter of fact, you're not in a position to ask the management to transfer you to another course. However, if they deem it fit, based on the conditions listed above, you can be transferred to another course.

You're only required to accept the transfer, make the change of course and expect final admission to the new course.


If you're seeking admission into the University of Ilorin, there you have the picture of how the management offer admissions to aspirants. The only hidden thing is the final departmental cut-off mark. That is never made open to everybody to know.

Yet, we can conclude that the university still takes into consideration merit (especially for the not-too-sought-after courses), catchment areas, EDLS (which may not favor you), and the science/art ratio of admission into all conventional universities in Nigeria.

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