How To Get FirstBank ATM/Expression Cards Online -

How To Get FirstBank ATM/Expression Cards Online

Request an ATM card over the counter or online
You’re on the right page if you want to know what FirstBank MasterCard is (including the most recent one called Expression Cards), how to apply for, order, or request one. 

Other things to be covered here include each card's features, how to change your PIN, use it for online transactions, etc.

First Bank has made some key information available on her website about her regular debit cards. Yet, that may not answer all your questions. That’s why you must check answers to all questions bordering you through the resources gathered in this post.

I will approach this topic with my personal experience so this doesn’t look to you like copy and paste info.

Had a Verve Card But Could Not Make Payment Online

My FirstBank card was Verve. Verve has several limitations which are not applicable to a MasterCard.

Verve Card

I bet you may be finding it difficult to make certain online payments with your verve card too.

I used this for three years. The expiring duration on Verve is four years though. I was forced to request Mastercard earlier than the date it would expire because I needed to make some online transactions where verve was not accepted.

This doesn't mean you can't make online transactions with verve, should you have one. However, some platforms do not include or accept verve.

I requested a Mastercard this time. Then, this happened!

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Applying for MasterCard Before the Expiring Date of The Verve

My verve card was rendered inactive because they had to issue me a MasterCard.


I think the policy is that, once you order a naira MasterCard before your verve expires on the same account, the verve will be disabled for you to continue using the former.

Hence, if you’re in my shoes now, that may be your fate eventually.

I used my MasterCard for three years. This is a point to note. Verve lasts four years while Naira MasterCard is three years.

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My Bank Didn't Have MasterCard on Another Request 

After the third year of using my MasterCard, I need to apply for another one. I was disappointed when my bank told me they didn’t have MasterCard as of then. This excuse continued for weeks. 

So, how did I get one?

I had to go for Expression MasterCard instead.

Yes, you heard me. Expression MasterCard is one of the debit cards by FirstBank. You can request this at your local branch or on the internet. I think the internet channel is easier and faster.

How to order it is covered below.

In fact, my branch could not tell me I could have access to another MasterCard called the Expression card. They kept on telling me that the bank was not issuing MasterCard by the time.

Expression MasterCard

A friend later told me I could ask for the Expression card instead. He told me he got his, ordered across the counter, but I could still order for it online.

My observation was that those bankers might not want to tell you of this option because when it was ordered, you couldn't get it immediately like other cards. You would have to return for it when the head office sent it to your branch which might be a couple of weeks later.

Then, I ordered mine online and collected it at my local branch in just two weeks. Fortunately, you can track the status of your order.

Now, let's see the differences between ordering over the counter and that of the internet.

How to Apply for FirstBank MasterCard Across the Counter

  1. Visit your local bank and ask for an ATM card form for Mastercard.
  2. Fill the form and submit
  3. Your Card should be ready in fifteen minutes
  4. Ensure you register a four-digit PIN for your card at the appropriate table within the bank.
  5. If you wish, you can any time later, change your PIN at any FirstBank ATM machine

NOTE: Most branches will say you can’t get Mastercard. Then, they recommend Verve instead.

Since you strictly need MasterCard, you can alternatively ask for Expression MasterCard. You will fill the form for this and return, a week or two later, for your card.

If you prefer ordering the Expression Card yourself from the head office directly online, read the guide below.

How to Order or Request FirstBank Expression MasterCard Online

I love this expression card more.

One, it’s so unique that you can customize it to your own look. You can affix your passport or a full photo on your card. You can use an animal, a flower, or a girlfriend's/boyforend's photo as the background of your card. Although there are a few terms to using any other photos than yours.

Two, you can choose the branch you will like to receive it.

Most interestingly, only a few details will be asked for, when applying for it.

  1. Visit the Expression order/request page
  2. Click on Get Started. A form will open
  3. Enter your account number and repeat the account number at the “Confirm the Account Number”
  4. Choose the bank you wish to collect it.
  5. Don’t worry about SMS confirmation. You can skip that to proceed if it doesn’t send the SMS.
  6. Upload a photo as the background of your card. You can use your photo or any object. They have some default photos there that you can choose from.
  7. Finish the application.

NOTE: You will need to copy down the confirmation code displayed on your screen. You can take this to the bank branch immediately or when visiting to collect it.

Wait for a debit alert on your account for the card charge before you go to the branch selected. In other words, from the day of application, wait for a debit alert of N1000 for the card charge. This may come two or more weeks later. As soon as you get the alert, it means the card had been sent to the chosen branch.

Go for it.

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Features and Benefits of Having a MasterCard

  1. Secured with a chip and pin technology for enhanced protection of funds.
  2. Denominated in Naira.
  3. Can be personalized with any picture you choose, provided that you have the right to use it.
  4. Valid for three years.
  5. An increase in POS and online transactions are available on request
  6. Carry your smile and memories everywhere you go
  7. Customers can spend in naira which they are most comfortable with
  8. Receive alerts on all transactions (purchases, transfers, and withdrawals)
  9. Accepted worldwide: Online, POS, Web, ATM
  10. Design and complete your card request from your desktop, mobile, or tablet from anywhere in the world.
  11. Transactions done with the card can easily be monitored via the FirstBank internet banking service 24-hour access to support for all card-related complaints through FirstContact.


There are no differences between the functions of the Naira Mastercard collected across the counters and the Expression cards ordered online. They are the same in all aspects except the latter is faster to get and more beautiful when you take it out in the public.

However, both have some benefits over the Verve; which is limited to local purchases. You can use MasterCard for international transactions offline or online.

You may need to activate Verve for OTP through the ATM machine but MasterCard is automatically activated with SMS and email message OTP.

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  1. Can I use LIONEL ANDRÉS MESSI as my expression picture because I'm going to first bank to open a new account today and I want messi as my expression photo

    1. Yes. And according to this post, you can apply for the card right on the internet.


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