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Can I Change My Course During Admission?

While waiting for admission, you may want to consider changing your course. For some reasons:

  1. The post-UTME score is out but you don't meet the cut-off mark for the initial course
  2. You realize the competition is tense with your initial course and want to change your mind
  3. Some lists are already out and you're not lucky there. Now, you want to change to a course that can favor you eventually

Well, in any of the above situations or similar ones, trying to change your course during the admission is a possibility to explore.

But, is it possible to change the course at this point in time? If yes, how do you go about it? This and related matters will be explored in this post. Enjoy!

You Can Still Change Your Course when Admission is Ongoing

Even after writing post-UTME or screening has been ended, with admission lists being expected or already coming out, you can still change your course. Yet, you must know what you're doing before making such a move.

There are two platforms affected by admission. JAMB portal and school portal. The course on your JAMB portal, in most cases, should be the same as on the school portal.

Otherwise, except for the school's design or is aware, things may be contradicting which can frustrate your admission cost you in the end.

Speaking of knowing what you're doing, let's explore a few situations.

1. Change if The School Transfers You

There are occasions when the school, itself, will transfer aspirants from their initially chosen courses to other courses. This could be to give them courses they're qualified for instead.

If this is your situation, you'll see such notice under the "transfer approval" link on the JAMB CAPS. Once accepted there, you're normally required, without necessarily waiting for instruction, to change to the new course at any CBT center around you.

In this situation, you're not required or expected to necessarily make the same change on the school portal. In fact, the school portals, for most schools, won't be active for editing or course change, at the time when lists are being released or lists are collated.

The school is aware of the change in the course and you're acting on their indirect instruction. The school will offer you the new course both on the school portal and on the JAMB portal eventually.

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2. You Change Without Being Transferred If Some Schools

In most cases, as earlier stated, the admission portal may not allow you to make any changes or editing once the post-UTME/screening form is closed. But if your school is lenient enough to leave the portal active for changes during the admission exercise is a direct invitation to changes if you deem it necessary.

In this case, you can risk changing the course on the school portal. Once and if successful, I congratulate you. Then, you can change to the same course on the JAMB portal to match the information across the board.

When the school is compiling or collating lists, eventually, if merited, you could be offered the new course on the school portal and JAMB portal.

You Can't change if you're Not Transfer and/or Portal Doesn't Allow that

Where you're not transferred, as stated above or the portal was not made open for possible changes during the admission exercise, you may not be successfully processing admission if you change.

Of course, you might be thinking you could just change on the JAMB portal even if the school doesn't open the portal or transfer you. Yes, that's possible on the JAMB portal as changing courses doesn't close on the JAMB portal.

However, if you do that, your new change will only reflect on the JAMB portal and that will contradict what you have with the school. And since they didn't transfer you, they may likely deny you.

I won't deny the fact that I've seen some students change their courses on the JAMB portal only without transfer or equal change on the school portals who were eventually offered admission.

This is a rare case and whoever wishes to attempt that should understand that it's 50/50 as there is no way to guarantee such admission even if you merit it.


The possibility of changing your course during the admission process is indeed something to consider if you find yourself in certain situations, such as not meeting the cut-off mark for your initial course, facing intense competition, or seeking a better chance of admission. It's important to note that this process involves both the JAMB portal and the school, and the rules and opportunities can vary by institution. 

If you're fortunate enough to be transferred by the school or if the portal allows changes, you can make adjustments to your course preferences. However, it's essential to exercise caution and understand that changing on the JAMB portal alone without corresponding changes on the school portal is a risk that may not guarantee admission. 

Ultimately, when navigating this process, careful consideration and adherence to the specific guidelines of your institution will be your best approach to securing the course that aligns with your goals.

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