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Do I Need to Buy ePIN For Post-UTME?

When it's time for the registration of a school post-UTME/screening, a question may come to mind. "Will I need to buy ePin for my post-UTME?

Of course, nothing is wrong with thinking in that direction as that's what you did when you wanted to register for JAMB. And since a stage after the result is released is the post-UTME, it's rational to ask if you'll need to buy a PIN to register it too.

In this post, I will be answering this question and shedding more light on related concerns.

Post-UTME/Screening Will Not Require ePIN

Unlike the UTME, Post-UTME registration doesn't require students to obtain or buy PINs before they can apply. 

Of course, the application will equally be online, and you won't necessarily need the service of a CBT center, as you or a café can do the registration. However, no PIN will be required to start with.

Post UTME/Screening registration simply follows the usual online application. In other words, just visit the school portal, click the application link make a live payment, and supply all the required information. That's "

No Need For PIN" Doesn't Mean You're Not Paying

Yes, the fact that you won't be required to buy a PIN for a school post-UTME or screening doesn't mean you won't pay. No, you're to pay.

JAMB has though restricted schools to N2,000 for this service - many do comply. This fee will be paid while filling out the online form.

Hence, be ready to pay this or more to include the online transaction charges (in most cases and vary among schools) and if you're using the service of a cyber café for your registration, include their charges too.

How To Register For The Post-UTME/Screening of Your School

While these steps don't represent what it's like to register post-UTME/screening for all the schools, it will give you a general outlook of what a typical registration is like. And it may represent the exact steps for your own school

To register for the Post-UTME/Screening of your school, follow these general steps:

  1. Visit the official website: Go to the official website of your school or the admissions portal designated for Post-UTME/Screening registrations.
  2. Create an account: Look for the "Register" or "Create Account" option on the website and click on it. Fill in the required details accurately, such as your full name, email address, phone number, and any other information requested.
  3. Generate a profile/application number: Once you have created an account, the system will generate a unique profile or application number for you. And this may just remain your JAMB registration number. Make sure to keep this number safe as you will need it for subsequent steps.
  4. Pay the registration fee: There is usually a registration fee for the Post-UTME/Screening exercise. The website will provide instructions on how to make the payment. It may involve generating a payment invoice, which will be taken to the bank for payment. It may just be a complete online payment to be made using any ATM card.
  5. Fill out the Application: Supply all required information which may include vio-data, results details, scanning, and uploading for relevant documents.
  6. Submit and Print: Usually after filling out the form, there will be a or some documents to print for the references of the completed application. Print that!


There is no doubt that no school will sell you a PIN to register for its post-UTME/screening in this modern age. Payment is required but it's just made online without the need to generate any PIN.

If a school will still need a PIN (e.g. DELSU), it's given through the online payment and should display live on your screen or sent to your email after the online payment. And that's very rare!

Be prepared to pay online and fill out your form at the same time on the same portal. This is the most likely!

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