Can I Use RN/RM to Proceed with HND in Nursing? -

Can I Use RN/RM to Proceed with HND in Nursing?

Higher National Diploma (HND) in Nursing was recently introduced in Nigeria and most colleges of nursing were quick to adopt that.

They wanted their graduates to be competitive with their degree (BSC) counterparts and be able to participate in the National Service (NYSC) after graduation.

However, a few of these colleges still run their basic/general nursing and midwifery, which, on graduation, will make their graduates equivalent to ND in Nursing.

Very many schools of nursing don't even mind the ND/HND program. Rather, they keep producing registered nurses and midwives through basic nursing/midwifery.

These graduates are now worried and contemplating whether they will be able to use the RN/RN to proceed to Higher National Diploma in Nursing so that they'll also have the same benefits as the BSC and ND/HND graduates.

RN/RM Might Be Equivalent to ND, But Not Acceptable For HND Admission

Of course, it's thoughtful of you that, since RN/RM can be equivalent to the two-year ND program at the College of Nursing, the former should be acceptable for the HND phase of the program.

Unfortunately, to date, that's not acceptable!

According to the law that establishes the ND/HND in Nursing in Nigeria, the two programs have to be done "uninterruptedly" by the students and usually at the same college except if there is a transfer of students among colleges".

In other words, the way ND/HND in nursing is being done is that immediately after you're done with the ND phase, you don't have awaiting time (SIWES/IT) before you can proceed to the HND phase.

As you must have known about traditional polytechnics, that are offering ND/HND in other programs, when a student completes ND, he can work with that and never bother to go to school again. If he wishes for HND, he will do a year of IT before obtaining the form for the HND phase.

In the case of nursing, no such arrangement. After ND, you're not yet a nurse or qualified to work as one. Until you're done with HND in Nursing, you're not yet a graduate or employable. And if you stop school after ND here, you're just a "dropout".

Hence, the arrangement is limited to ND holders in Nursing to proceed to HND, never RN/RM to proceed to HND in Nursing.

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You Can Proceed to the Degree (BSC) in Nursing Instead

Luckily for you, once you're done with RN/RM, you can proceed to any university offering Nursing Science through direct entry admission

Yes, generally all universities offering nursing admit RN. However, RM may suffer some setbacks in its acceptability for the degree in Nursing. Universities such as UI, LAUTECH, NOUN, etc. may accept that in their Distance Learning Programs though.

If you want to be more competitive after your RN, you can obtain the JAMB DE form, and choose your interested university. If admitted, you'll be in the 200-level and run the rest of the BSN program for four years.

On graduation, like the HND counterparts, you're more competitive and can serve at NYSC.


HND in Nursing is not designed to accommodate the RN/RM as diploma holders who can go for the Higher National Diploma. Rather, the HND is meant for those who have completed their ND programs.

Options such as Degree Nursing through JAMB direct entry admission and distance learning are available to RN/RM holders who may want to further their studies.

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