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Parents' Guide to Helping Students Excel Academically

Many parents have contacted me in the past. Some want answers to questions. Some want solutions to their children's academic challenges. One of the latter was a woman who sent the message below.

Help my child prepare and pass exams in an excellent way. I want more A grades for him. He passed his WAEC but mostly with C grades. How can you help me guide and support him to get As in the next sitting?

She wanted the best for a child who didn't seem to get it right, not yet. 

Well, I love being plain when it comes to issues like this. Most of our children don't have the best results because they don't approach things in the best possible ways.

No matter how much you want out of the exam, if you're doing it wrong, you'll still be rewarded accordingly.

So, if you're parents in such a situation and you want my opinions and guidance or are a student in the same circumstance, here you have my views well supported by academic research.

1. Set Clear Goals

Setting clear academic goals is a fundamental step in helping your child excel in their studies. Research has highlighted the importance of goal setting in improving academic performance.  

Clear objectives provide direction, motivation, and a sense of purpose for students. It's crucial to sit down with your child and discuss their academic aspirations, asking them about subjects they're passionate about and areas they aim to enhance.

By setting specific and attainable targets, you create a roadmap for your child's educational journey, which can lead to improved grades.

2. Create a Consistent Study Schedule

The establishment of a well-structured study schedule is a pivotal component in your child's academic success. A report has indicated that consistency in study habits is linked to higher academic achievement. 

Collaborate with your child to design a schedule that allocates dedicated time for each subject, ensuring they remain on track and focused. Consistency is key in this process, so make certain that your child adheres to their study plan. 

By adhering to a regular study routine, they can better absorb information and retain knowledge, which is conducive to achieving more A grades.

3. Create a Distraction-Free Study Environment

The learning environment plays a significant role in academic performance. Studies published in the Journal of Namibian Studies underscore the importance of a distraction-free study environment. 

As a parent, it's essential to ensure that your child has access to a quiet, well-lit, and organized study space. This area should be free from distractions like television, video games, or excessive noise. 

A clutter-free and conducive study environment fosters concentration and maximizes your child's learning potential. By optimizing their study space, you can create the ideal setting for academic excellence.

4. Encourage Effective Study Techniques

Teaching your child effective study techniques can significantly boost their academic performance. Research has shown that employing active learning strategies and retrieval practice can lead to better retention and understanding of academic material.

Help your child explore various study methods such as summarizing, note-taking, and self-quizzing. Encourage them to break down their study material into manageable sections and set aside time for regular reviews. Additionally, emphasize the importance of seeking help from teachers or tutors when they encounter challenges in specific subjects.

By instilling effective study habits, you equip your child with the tools they need to excel in their exams and achieve those coveted A grades.

5. Monitor Progress and Offer Support

Regularly tracking your child's progress is essential to their success. Create a system where you can monitor their test scores, assignments, and overall academic performance. Open communication with their teachers can provide valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses.

When challenges arise, be supportive rather than punitive. Offer encouragement and guidance, and help your child address areas where they may be struggling. It's important to maintain a positive and constructive attitude throughout their academic journey.

Remember that every student's pace and learning style are unique, so patience is key. Celebrate their achievements and milestones, no matter how small, to keep them motivated and focused on their goals.

6. Foster a Love for Learning

Ultimately, the desire to excel in academics must come from within your child. Encourage them to cultivate a genuine passion for learning. Discuss the real-world applications of their studies, connect subjects to their interests, and expose them to a variety of educational experiences outside of school.

When a student is motivated by a genuine love for learning, the pursuit of A grades becomes a byproduct of their curiosity and enthusiasm. Help your child understand that education is not just about getting good grades but about acquiring knowledge and skills that will benefit them throughout their life.


Helping your child achieve A grades requires a holistic approach that combines goal setting, effective study habits, a conducive learning environment, and ongoing support. By implementing these strategies and fostering a love for learning, you can guide your child toward academic success and help them realize their full potential.

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