Get Back Lost Centre/Exam Number WAEC, NECO or NABTEB -

Get Back Lost Centre/Exam Number WAEC, NECO or NABTEB


I wrote the NABTEB exam in May/June of 2022.

I have traveled to another town far from where I wrote my exams.

I have lost my exam number or center. I can only remember the seat number I used then.

Is there a way I can get the center number here so that I can check my result?


NOTE: This post will address the same and similar issues about WAEC, NECO, and GCE. Kindly read to know the way out of your own situation.

How to Get Lost NABTEB Centre/Exams Number Back

Sorry about your situation brother or sister.

As of the time of this post (June 2022), NABTEB doesn’t give an official list of their centers and their attached numbers. Hence, you may not have direct access to such information through me.

However, I have made some findings for you. I got a link to the list of their centers up to 2017. But there was a problem.

The list is not active when last I checked.

1. Check Online for the Exams Number

It’s possible that, by the time you (or anyone else is) reading this post, the exam body has restored the list. You can copy and paste the link to your browser -

You may be lucky.

Meanwhile, if it opens by any chance, it may still not contain the center numbers. If it does, best of luck.

2. Travel Back to the Centre, Call the Coordinator, or Send a Proxy

If the suggestion above doesn’t work, you should consider traveling back to the town of the exam and ask for this number directly from the center.

Those centers should keep records of individual applicants too.

You can skip that hurdle if you still have phone access to the center or if there’s anybody who can help you get their number.

Another means is to send a person you know in the town or around to help you contact the center and get their number.

3. Contact a Candidate for the Same Exams

In most cases, candidates who still have access to a friend or colleague who wrote the exams at the same centers can get the center numbers from such other candidates.

Once your old friend still has his exam slip or photo card with him, he can help you with the center number.

This works even for those people who had forgotten both the center number and their seat numbers.

Once you know someone behind or in front of him during the exams, you get your way out.

What you do is get the candidate in front or at the back and ask for his or her number.

Then, you add 1 or minus 1 from the seat number (depending on your own sitting) to get yours.

I want to believe one of the suggestions above will help you out of this mess.

Lost NECO Centre/Exams Number?

Even though you asked about NABTEB, I answered to cover all exams. For the sake of another reader who might have lost his or her NECO center or exam number, let's address that too.

NECO has a centre number though, candidates are not to check their results with centre numbers. Instead, a specific exam number is issued to each candidate. This is what you're to check your result with.

The number is 10 digits (before 2021). It looks like this is 54890011EF (all NECO results before 2021). From 2021 to date, the NECO registration number is 12 digits e.g 2120031522HG

This is how the exam body's result-checking system will identify you. Hence, you won't need your center number to check the NECO result.

If you lost this number, only option 2 above is available for you to get the number back. Option 1 is out of your reach on the internet and option 3 won't work because candidates' numbers in NECO do not follow in numerical or alphabetic order.

Lost WAEC Centre/Exams Number?

Candidates will need the combination of center number and seat number/serial number to check WAEC results - be it school candidates or private candidates WAEC.

The 11-digit WAEC exam number will look like this 42091234101. This is also called your index number. Whereas the first 8 numbers are the center numbers and the last 3 are serial or seat numbers.

If you've lost the number, the three options are open to you.

Officially, for the Requirements for Retrieval of Photo Card, below is the procedure the exam body wants you to follow:

  1. Visit the WAEC office close to you and submit the following items
  2. Affidavit for Loss of Examination Number (bring with you the Treasury Receipt); 
  3. A Passport Photo; 
  4. Processing Fee of 2,000 Naira; 
  5. Result Checking & Printing Fee of 950 Naira.

However, in order to check them for a lost WAEC centre number online, check my, 15265+ Correct and Complete Official WAEC Centres and Numbers.

You can also access your certificate through the WAEC digital certificate platform. Here, you will be able to retrieve your registration number, after logging in. You will be charged ₦3,000.00 for a successful recovery of your number.

Wishing you luck!

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  1. How can I check my neco result with lost examination number

    1. No way. Get your number by follow any of the options detailed in this post.

  2. I wrote Nabteb exam 2019 til now,2020 I haven't seen my result,anytime I check it is saying wrong examination number don't no were is the problem is....and my candidate number is valid

    1. Go back to your exams centre to enquire what's wrong.

  3. I lost my neck registration number how can I recover it

    1. How to get it has already been detailed in the post above. Read again.

    2. Do you knkw anyone who. Can help get Mt neco registration number

    3. Follow the guide in the post above.

  4. Using my name,is it possible to check for my nabteb result:2019 Nov/Dec as I misplaced my photo card.

    1. No, it's not possible. You strictly need to your your exams/registration number. Read the post below.

  5. How can i use my name,date of birth and the school where i wrote my waec to get my result?

  6. Good evening. I paid #3045 for retriever of GCE lost center number but I didn't receive any message from waec again. What do I do? Thanks

  7. Sorry the center number has displayed. Thanks for this information. Very Simple step

  8. I wrote nabteb Nov/Dem 2003 and I lost my numbers, how do I get them

  9. Pls sir is weac GCE result for Nov Dec out?


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