Can I Reprocess Admission to School Once Attended? -

Can I Reprocess Admission to School Once Attended?

I've got a few case studies about reprocessing admission one had once attended or is still attending?

  1. A student was restricted or suspended from a university. Now, he wants to reprocess admission to the same school. Will that work?
  2. A student was repeated but instead of taking that option, he decided to write another JAMB to process the same polytechnic and consider another course entirely? Will that be possible and acceptable?
  3. A student lost his studentship to illness or finance. He now has the health or financial strength to go back to school. He decides to process a new admission to the same school. Will this work or is there any condition attached?
  4. A student is still in a school for one course but decides to change his course by taking up a new JAMB form and processing the same institution. Is this advisable?

Checking through the cases above, the situations are closely related that we can just summarize as if I'd gained admission to a school and later left but there is a reason to reprocess admission to the same school, what should I know?

This post will answer this question and shed more light on related issues.

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Rusticated or Suspended Students Can Reprocess Admissions to the Same Schools on Terms

A student who has been rusticated or suspended by the school management has a better chance with another school entirely. However, depending on the nature, or the cause of the rustication/suspension, he can also process the same institution.

For example, if rusticated for cultism, such a case may not give you a chance to process the same school. If done, and the management finds out, you may be hit by the same fate.

If rusticated for fake results, fighting or exam malpractice, and related offenses, you can reprocess admission into the same institution, for the same or another course if you're coming in with the real result and repentance this time.

If the management is aware you're back on campus, you may just be put on the watchlist to be sure you don't write a letter to go home again.

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Students Out of Schools for Illness or Finance Can Reprocess Admissions to the Same Schools

This is very easy to do. You're generally allowed to come back to school, through a new admission process and admission year, if you've been a student of the school before now.

There are two similar cases to this.

Some students are done in a school for one course. They still wish to run another course in the same school after the first certification (first degree). This is pretty allowed.

In other words, you can make two degrees from a school - one after the other. 

The second case is if you fail to officially defer your admission when leaving at part 1 or 2. You'll be left with reprocessing of admission to the school if you really want to come back. And that's openly welcome.

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Students Still in School But Decide to Change Courses By Reprocessing New Admissions

One best way to change course if you're already on campus is to do the intra-departmental transfer which is usually achievable while going to the 200 level.

However, this process is well known to be pretty tough if you don't meet the grade requirement. 

As a result, some candidates may decide to buy another JAMB form and repress admissions for the new courses.

This is possible and acceptable, provided you're ready to drop the former course for the new one if admitted. The university can still admit you if it's aware you're already an existing student of another department. However, you won't be officially allowed to run the two courses together on the same campus.

This could be because a student is only allowed a matric number for a period of a degree program. 

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After Being Repeated, You May Obtain a New JAMB Form

If you don't want to take the repeat option offered by the management, you can reprocess admission into the same university, polytechnic, or college of education, for the same course or another.

However, if you should reprocess for the same course, you'd better accept the repeat. If you're considering a new course, go for a new JAMB and reprocess your admission to the same school or any at all.

Nothing is statutorily wrong with that.


Admission seekers can reprocess admissions to the same school from where they'd been rusticated, suspended, or repeated if they understand the terms, as already covered in this post.

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