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Why You Should Study JAMB Brochure for 2024/2025 UTME/DE

It Is Your Responsibility To Combine UTME Subjects Rightly
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This may sound as if everyone should be aware. But I’ve seen many admission seekers making mistakes in the subjects' combination in UTME. That's why I gave you, "Wrong UTME Subjects Combination? See Solutions".

This mistake has done more harm than anyone can ever imagine.

A case was reported to JAMB. The candidate has combined the wrong subjects for her admission. The University of Ibadan denied him even though he passed JAMB UTME and the university's post UTME.

Please, I have a serious complaint. I passed both the post-UTME and UTME exams. All for the University of Ibadan to tell me I was declined admission because of wrong subject selections. How was I supposed to know that? I shouldn't av been allowed to finish reg. In the first place

Obviously, this guy was shifting the blame on JAMB for allowing him to register UTME even while combining the wrong subjects.

The board was quick to reply to him.

There is a brochure that every candidate is to read before completing the application form. Each program has a combination and the candidate cannot handpick subjects he/she wants or is good at.  The wrong combination is a serious infraction. Thank you.

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It Is Your Responsibility To Combine UTME Subjects Rightly

Well, for now, the truth still remains that every candidate is liable to subjects chosen for his or her proposed course. It's not acceptable to blame the matriculation board.

The board has, of course, given you the JAMB brochure to study and confirm the right subjects for your proposed courses.

They also give you a tool that you can use to find out, upfront if you’re qualified for a course and school with certain O’level subjects (grades) and UTME subjects.

With these, it’s expected of you to do things right.

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It's important to note, until today, each school has different requirements for its courses. So don't make the mistake that UNILORIN will accept exactly the same subjects for Geology or any other course.

JAMB Should Take Charge of Subject Combination Too

This part may affect JAMB more than applicants.

The exam board should do more than the brochure and tool to verify the qualifications for a course and school. I've seen schools like UI and FUTMINA change their combination on the school portal while the JAMB brochure still retains the old combination.

In my experience, JAMB simply makes subject combination automatic for courses like Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy, and other similar courses. Why won't they do the same for other courses?

If schools can accept this combination as JAMB has resolved for the like of Medicine, Physiotherapy, Anatomy, etc., they should be conditioned to accept subject combination JAMB deems fit for other courses too.

This is the only way to help our admission seekers. No matter the sensitization and education are given to guide these applicants, these kinds of errors will be repeated yearly.

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  1. Hello sir pleas I need your help, I want to study philosophy in UI, their WAEC requirements are five credit pass to include English and one art subject which I have in my result, but their JAMB
    requirements include one art subject and two other subject from art or social science, and in my waec result I only have one art Subject which is civic, and one social science subject which is economic. So my question here is this can I write economic, government, and commerce in my jamb, and I did not write government and commerce in waec

    1. Ordinary, it's a bad idea writing economics and commerce together in JAMB. Most institutions consider them as just the same. Kindly follow strictly what the institution want in order to secure admission. If you had not done things rightly, consider changing your course or changing institution to the course that may consider your combination.

      More detais hrough the links below:
      1. https://www.schoolcontents.info/2018/07/help-what-happens-if-i-write-wrong.html
      2. https://www.ui.edu.ng/content/advertisement-course-requirements
      3. https://www.schoolcontents.info/2019/03/waec-neco-and-nabteb-compulsory.html


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