List of Commercial Courses in Universities (Warnings Included) -

List of Commercial Courses in Universities (Warnings Included)

If you're a secondary school student with a commercial background, it's important to be aware that when applying for admission to a university, your course choices should be limited to the fields of management or social sciences. 

Many students may not be familiar with the diverse range of options available beyond the well-known social science courses like Accounting, Banking and Finance, and Business Administration. Surprisingly, there is a multitude of courses awaiting your consideration.

List of Commercial, Social Science or Management Courses in Nigerian Universities

I've conducted thorough research, sifting through the official JAMB brochure and various university admission portals, to provide you with a comprehensive list of courses falling under the commercial, social science, or management categories in Nigerian universities:

  1. Accounting
  2. Banking & Finance
  3. Business Administration
  4. Economics
  5. Entrepreneurship
  6. Industrial Relations and Personnel Management
  7. Marketing
  8. Political Science (also falls under Arts)
  9. Public Administration (also falls under Arts)
  10. Taxation
  11. Purchasing And Supply
  12. Transportation Management
  13. Social Development
  14. Social Work
  15. Finance
  16. Criminology & Security Studies
  17. Sociology (also falls under Arts)
  18. Education Management (also falls under Arts)
  19. Insurance
  20. Library & Information Science (also falls under Arts and Science)
  21. Mass Communication (also falls under Arts)
  22. Co-operative Economics and Management

Warnings! Don't Mistake The Following Courses For Commercial or Management

It's important not to confuse certain courses with social science options. Over the years, I've observed that some students have mistakenly categorized a few courses as commercial when, in reality, they belong to the science category.

This confusion often arises due to the presence of words like "management" or related terms in the course names. To avoid this misconception, please take note of the following courses, which are not within the commercial or social science domain:

  1. Estate Management (Science)
  2. Statistics (Science)
  3. Forestry & Wildlife Management (Science)
  4. Home Economics (Science)

Keep these distinctions in mind as you make informed decisions about your academic path.

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