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How Can I Check UNILAG Admission Lists?

A brief reference has been made to this when I was answering when likely will UNILAG release its admission lists for the year. However, very many students are asking even if the lists are out, and there is a need to know how to check it in a kind of step-by-step guide.

This is the area of concentration of this post. Let's explore how you'll check your name on UNILAG admission bearing in mind that there are two premises to do that.

Candidates must be offered admission to both the JAMB and the school portal. Depending on the logistics and situation, admission can be offered first on the JAMB portal and a few days or weeks later on the school portal.

How to Know If UNILRIN Has Offered Your Admission on the JAMB Portal

UNILRIN, like any other school, will offer you admission on the JAMB portal the procedure to check that is the same across all institutions.

To check your JAMB admission status or list, follow the following steps:

1. Visit the JAMB official website

Go to the official JAMB website using a web browser. The website address is

2. Access the JAMB e-Facility portal

Look for and click the "CAPS (Candidates) E-Facility" link on the JAMB website. It's often located on the menu or on the homepage. Click on the link to access the e-Facility portal.

You can as well directly visit the e-facility at

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3. Log in to your JAMB profile

On the e-Facility portal page, you will be required to log in with your JAMB profile credentials. Enter your JAMB email address and JAMB password in the provided fields.

If you haven't created a profile, you can do so by linking your email with the JAMB portal. That's the right way to create your JAMB profile!

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4. Navigate to the Admission Status page

Once logged in, you will see several options on your JAMB profile dashboard. 

Look for something like "Check Admission Status". Click on the link to proceed.


You may need to enter some details to access your admission status. Typically, your JAMB registration number is already made to be on this page automatically. 

But you'll have to choose the correct admission year to have the right JAMB registration number pop up.

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6. Check your admission status

After providing the necessary information, click on the "Access My CAPS" button.  

Navigate to the "Admission Status" link and click that. If you have been offered admission to any institution, the details will be displayed on the screen.

7. Accept or Reject the Admission Offer (if applicable)

If you have been offered admission, you will likely have the option to either accept.

After this, you can then print your JAMB admission letter and original JAMB result (if not already printed).

Checking Your UNILAG Admission On The University Portal

As earlier noted, even though you're offered on the JAMB portal, you should equally be offered admission on the school portal. To know if UNILAG has offered you a space, you should follow the steps below on the school portal.

1. Visit the UNILAG Admission Portal

Go to the official website of the University of Lagos using a web browser. The admission portal is

Log in with your JAMB registration number and your surname.

2. Click on "Check Admission Status"

On the admission portal's homepage, look for a link or button that says something like "Check Admission Status". Click on it to proceed to the admission status checking page.

3. View Admission Status

After providing the required information and submitting it, your admission status will be displayed on the screen. If you have been offered admission, your name, course of study, and other relevant details will be shown.

4. Acceptance and Registration

If you have been admitted, follow the instructions provided on the admission portal to accept the admission and proceed with the registration process within the specified time frame.

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