Am I Going to Write JAMB Where I Registered? -

Am I Going to Write JAMB Where I Registered?

Candidates are trying to be careful about the CBT center where they'll do their JAMB registration. For one reason, they are afraid of registering at a CBT center they don't trust to write their UTME.

As a result, some are considering traveling to the right CBT center or those with good past experience to register for the JAMB.

In this post, I'm going to share with you what you should know about where candidates will be required to or posted to write the UTMEs. In the end, you'll get the right answer to the question, "Are candidates going to sit for their UTME in the CBT centers they registered with?".

JAMB Won't Necessarily Post Candidates To Where They Register for UTME

JAMB is not known for the norm of posting UTME candidates to write exams where they registered for JAMB. As a matter of fact, the board randomly posts candidates based on the town/city of the exams chosen at the points of registration.

In other words, during the registration, candidates will be asked to write or mention any intending town/city for the UTME. Once picked, the system will randomly match them across all the available centers within that town/city.

Even though you won't know or see the centers to write your exams immediately after the submission, the board will require all aspirants to return to their portal and print the exam schedule/slip at a later date. At this point, the system must have done the random posting as earlier explained. 

No CBT center has the capacity to force or schedule students to write their tests with it. It's outside their control.

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JAMB May Schedule You To That CBT But Not Because You Registered There

Having made it clear that the system decides where you'll write your UTME randomly, you may eventually be sent back to that CBT you register with if the CBT center is also located in the town/city you picked during the registration.

In other words, if you registered your JAMB at a CBT that was among those scheduled to conduct UTME in the town/city you chose, you could lucky or unlucky to be posted to the same center.

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Your reason for asking this question may be:

  1. because you don't want to write your exams at the CBT center you want to register or already registered with, or 
  2. you will prefer using the same CBT center for your registration and exam

In either case, you or the CBT center won't decide where you'll write your UTME, the system can schedule you to the same CBT center or any intended one (which is uncommon) mainly depending on the town/city you considered the registration.

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