Can I Use NCE to Seek HND Admission? See Answer

Gain Admission into an HND Programme After his NCE programme?


A reader just asks if it is possible to be admitted for the HND programme having completed his NCE course.

The simple answer is no.

And if you think you want to know the reasons, you should read the rest of the post.

The Basics of Higher National Diploma (HND) and Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE)

  1. Generally, HND is not, in any way, align with NCE
  2. While polytechnic education is meant to produce graduates that are practical-oriented and groomed in the areas of engineering and technologies, NCE graduates are trained and primarily meant to become teachers.
  3. Even though an HND holder can handle teachings, in some cases than NCE graduates, that doesn’t certify them to be (eligible to) work within the four walls of classrooms. HND holders are not professionally qualified to be teachers which NCE holders are.

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You Can't Use NCE Certificate/Result to Pursue HND Admission

Now that you’re done with NCE, you’re better to further your studies to a Degree (BSc, B.ed). This will continue your studies for the next 3 years if you take the direct entry form.

Trying to move from NCE to HND is like trying to build a mansion with the wrong foundation.

Only OND and NABTEB Advanced Level graduates (accepted by some polytechnics) are qualified for HND admissions. This is because; their earlier studies align with the proposed programmes in the same or another polytechnic/course.

Conclusively, you can’t process HND admission with NCE. Proceed to a university of education (or faculty of education in a university) to continue your studies.

If You’re No Longer Interested in Education, You Can Go For Another Course

Trying to change the course of study is not an uncommon thing. I have seen graduates of NCE who after three years at college of education wish they had instead become doctors, lawyers or engineers.

Nothing is wrong with you if you choose not to pursue a Degree in Education after your NCE.

If you find yourself in this category of people, it’s not late. You still obtain another JAMB and:
  1. pursue a degree or 
  2. National diploma in your interested course.

In case you’re worried if you as a recently matriculated candidate (i.e someone who had already been in school) can still obtain another JAMB, YES you can.

And if starting all over is never your choice, you can use direct entry to still change your course to a non-education discipline. Check the links below for the related cases.

There are lots of misconceptions, misinformation, and misunderstandings around this. But we have seen people doing this without being sanctioned. You have the freedom to education and to any course you love.

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  1. Please someone with integrated science/physic combination, what course can I apply for in direct entry.


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