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How to Apply For NYSC Revalidation/Remobilization

NYSC Revalidation vs Remobilization
Let's take a moment to clarify a few things. What is the difference between NYSC revalidation and Remobilization? Is there any relationship between the two? If no, what should be the difference?

A few awaiting and serving corps have been asking for the differences between the two terms being commonly used by National Youth Service Corps. And if you've read a few confusing posts, you might be considering hearing from an expert.

In this post, I will be breaking down what NYSC Revalidation is, what remobilization is, what the differences are, the possible relationships, when to expect the registrations, and how each of the registrations is being done.

NYSC Revalidation is For Corpers Who Defer Their Services

Even though going for service may not be compulsory but once you register to be mobilized and you're, you must go camping.

But for one reason or the other, you're allowed to defer your service to a future date. This you can do without being sanctioned and without making your reasons known to NYSC be it officially or otherwise. I'd detailed how to defer NYSC in my post, "How To Defer NYSC Service To Next Batch/Stream".

If by the next stream or batch mobilization or those for the next year, you're ready to answer the clarion's call, what you'll do is called REVALAIDATION.

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How to Register For NYSC Revalidation

This is the process of resigning up for mobilization. Of course this time, you don't have to do your registration all afresh, just as you did during the mobilization. You're only to log in to your NYSC dashboard and retake the four states of interest and submit. Whereas very recently, you don't have to take any state again as NYSC is no longer allowing selection of states. Hence, the revalidation is done for you automatically.

What I meant by "automatically" is that NYSC is longer including the section for choosing your four preferred states. They, before now and henceforth, reserve the right to post you to any state they want. As a result, for the revalidation, they don't have to open your portal for choice of state again. 

It's safer to say that revalidation, starting from Batch A stream 1 of the 2021 mobilization, is AUTOMATIC. Corpers who deferred services will be mobilized automatically with the next stream and if they still don't go, they will be remobilized with the next stream or batch and so on.

These continual postings will be done by NYSC without the need for any action from the affected corpers.

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Remobilization is For the Corpers Who Abscorn Camp, Sent Out of Camp, or Left Service Uncompleted

In case you don't know, a few corpers will report to camps, take part in the early on-camp registrations, and leave the camps for no reason or one best known to them without permission from NYSC.

And even with permission, they're still subjected to remobilization.

In the same vein, some will complete the registrations on camp, and take part in the camp activities but will be caught in sanctionable activities which may lead to them being sent off from the camps. This set of corp members will equally be subjected to remobilization.

Likewise, there are corpers who will go through the camping and its activities but will fail to report to their places of primary assignment or will report but later will leave without prior permission from NYSC. This set is equally on the remobilization roll.

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Hence, it should be easy to define NYSC remobilization.

Remobilization is for the early mobilized corpers who for one reason or the other (officially allowed or unofficial), could not complete their camping, service, or both. This is the registration open for such members to be recalled to service.

In certain cases, such members may be called to camp again, and if not affected at the camp, call to the place of assignment to complete the abandoned national service.

While revalidation is only allowed when another mobilization form is on or opened, remobilization is usually opened year-round for the affected corps.

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How to Register for NYSC Remobilization

In order to do NYSC remobilization, you have to follow the following steps.

Visit the NYSC mobilization portal and locate news/link for remobilization or click

As you can see in the screenshot above, there is no ongoing registration for Mobilization, yet the application form for Remobilization is still active. That's why I called it a year-round registration.

After clicking the form link/button, the form will open with certain information to be filled. Among these is the:

  1. Previous Call-Up Numbers
  2. Previous State Code
  3. Previous Batch
  4. Previous Deployment State

This is the information that will give NYSC clues as to why you must be remobilized. And of course, your application will go through an approval process. Only if approved you would be eligible for remobilization.

For the purpose of NYSC remobilization, concerned married corpers, will be required, in addition to the details above, to scan and upload:

  1. Evidence of state of residence of husband
  2. Evidence of Marriage (Marriage Certificate/Affidavit
  3. Identity of husband (e.g Drivers license, National ID, etc)
  4. Newspaper Change of Name
  5. Letter from employer/Utility bills

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  1. After clicking on revalidation is there any other column will show and how will I know my revalidation is done

    1. Need to click on anything. Revalidation is done automatically by NYSC portal. Read the post again and understand.

  2. I want to defer my NYSC for batch C stream 2.
    Can I revalidate when batch A will be registering or I wait till batch C?

    1. You will automatically be revalidate for every next batch and steam until you're ready to go.

  3. I have been remobilized but still remobilized to my previous state.
    I thought remobilization comes with a different state

    1. NYSC has the right to post you to any state whether you want it or not. Read the post below.

  4. Can I apply for relocation after being remobilised to my previous State?



  6. Hello, I registered for Batch C steam I, Nysc remobilized me to Batch Stream 2. I didn't go to camp and I didn't defer it, Now I want to revalidated but I can't do so

    1. Revalidation is automatic. They will repost you when the time comes. You don't have to do anything on your own side.

  7. Thank you so much much sir. This was so helpful.

  8. Good day sir, I need some information about something. I was mistakenly mobilized with a different reg number 2015 instead of 2016.. so when I complained to my school I was asked to register with the 2015 reg number but I should go through Revalidation and after my registration I should send them my details for correction. So my question is this, how do I go about registering for nysc through Revalidation because I don't know how that works. Thanks

    1. What I know about revalidation are already covered in the post above. As to the registration number mix-up, I don't think should affect your NYSC or mobilization in any way. Once you're qualified for the serve, register and forget any mix-up. NYSC certificate won't carry our JAMB registration number.

    2. Thanks sir. Any idea idea on when nysc portal will be open? Thanks once again.

    3. Follow official updates using different NYSC channels in the post below.


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