NPower Cut-Off Marks, Streams, Issues & Other Updates -

NPower Cut-Off Marks, Streams, Issues & Other Updates

Npower has released the list of the lucky Batch C applicants. These newly released names were fortunate to proceed to the next stage of fingerprint capturing and enrollment.

However, both lucky and those who are yet to be shortlisted are asking the criteria, yardstick, or cut-off mark used by the Npower team in the section of the said batch C candidates.

This is why I contacted Npower to gain some insider insights into how things were done.

I have got clues about the cut-off mark sued by the team. I have got the plan to release more streams apart from this and so on. I will be sure to update this post as more details unfold.

Npower list was for Candidates Who Scored 50% and Above

At the time of this post, no applicants in batch C, that scored below 50% were shortlisted.

In other words, in the streatm1, candidates shortlisted so far were those who scored between 50 to 100 in the online test conducted.

This doesn't mean that the team won't consider candidates with lower marks, possibly in the coming lists, yet it's not certain they will.

Applicants Who Score 50% to 100% But Not Shortlisted

If you'd scored a higher mark in the test but still not shortlisted, it's because you're going to be in the next stream.

According to the support team, candidates are going to be divided into two - streams 1 and 2. Each team is consists of 500,000 candidates. Right now, they're calling on stream 1. 

You may not read that you're in stream 2 anywhere on their portal or on your dashboard. Yet I'm happy to confirm to you that you're. And that will later be updated to your portal.

There is yet to be a release about the date they will start shortlisting for stream 2. We should hope sooner.

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The List Was a Mixture of All Npower Categories

In case you want to know the category of the Npower the team shortlisted so far, the list comprised of all the categories including the N-Teach, N-Agro, N-Health, N-Sofware, N-Hardware, N-Build, etc. The same is expected to happen in stream 2.

Hence, candidates shouldn't be confused about that.

Related to that, all applicants, by qualifications were shortlisted. That's on the list are BSC, HND, ND, NCE, and SSCE applicants. The same is expected to happen in stream 2.

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Served and Serving Corps Were Screened Out

The teams had carefully screened out candidates who were serving (at NYSC) at the time of the applications, updates, and tests, or those that will be serving during the period of the scheme.

In fact, the team had promised to keep checking for those who are yet to be uncovered and screen them out as the scheme continues running.

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Candidates Who Met Their Test or Details Blank

Some candidates had reported that while logging in to their profiles, they noticed their test scores were not showing. However, they could not attempt the tests again because it's already closed.

Some noticed all their information was blank and they could not update it again.

The support team was contacted and they had replied that, all your test scores were intact in their database together with your details. Hence, you don't need to panic as the issue is temporary. Things will be corrected and updated later.

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  1. If someone score 60% in test assessment, can such applicant be shortlisted in stream 2

  2. I scored 65% HND in computer science. NCREATIVE. Up till now I have not been shortlisted. Any hope for me?

    1. According to them, you guys will be coming up in their stream 2. We can't say precisely when that will be.


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