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I Missed Npower Test/Update, Can I Do it Now?

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A few Npower applicants had missed profile updates and tests. Some only missed the test. And due to some technical inches recorded during the profile updates and online test, we may not entirely blame it on these applicants.

Although some missed the profile updates and/or test because they lack timely information about the exercise.

Now that the list of selected Npower list is out, can these people still update their profiles and write the online test?

Is there any opportunity to write the test even with the list out and fingerprint enrollment ongoing?

If yes, how? If not, can you expect a reopening of the test and update portal?

This post will answer your questions and related concerns.

You Can Still Login For Updates But ...

Npower portal will still allow you to log in to your profile if you've missed the profile updates. Yet, you won't be allowed, by now, to update the profile.

In fact, some candidates who attempted and got through recently reported that their marks were deducted by the system.

One of those affected recently narrated.

Have done my n-power test and I later discover some error in my profile and I now try to change it which I did and I now discover that my test score was affected it reduces to 8 from 40 scores what can I do, please.

The profile editing and updating are closed and no longer open for anybody to take advantage of.

For those that earlier did the update but later noticed a few mistakes, they won't be allowed to update except they can send notice of such errors to Npower email.

According to the support team,  If you feel you missed out on any important detail during the application phase, kindly send an email to our support team via [email protected]


You Can't Take Test After Shortlist

Once the Npower list is out, you can't be allowed to take the test again.

In fact, the test has been closed before the list is released.

And with the situation of things, there is no tendency that the Npower test portal will later be reopened. 

If you see the test link active, that doesn't mean you can follow it to attempt or retake the test.

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