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NPOWER: Redeploy to Another State or Local Government

It is no joke that Npower has come to stay in Nigeria to help millions of youth find something contributing doing. The scheme has equally trained lots of engaged youth under the category of N-Build, Tech, and Creative.

However, when posted to one place of assignment, you may want to consider changing that. Can you change from your school to another school? Can you change from one health centre to the other? When is the right time to do redeployment, if it's possible?

This post will give you officially given procedures to redeployment from one PPA to another as a Npower beneficiary.

Step By Step Guide to Redeply From One Npower PPA to Another

First, you have to note that it's possible to redeploy from one place of primary assignment to another within and outside your local government area. In fact, you can now redeploy from one state to another.

However, redeployment can only be done under the same category of Npower. In other words, you can redeploy from school to school or health centre to health centre but not from school to a health centre and vice versa.

New Guidelines for Npower Redeployment

  1. All beneficiaries that wish to be deployed to a different state should kindly send an email to [email protected] 
  2. While beneficiaries that wish to change their Place of Primary Assignment within their state of resident should kindly fill the deployment form on the portal, submit and await further instructions. 
  3. For further inquiries please call 092203102, 018888148. Email: [email protected]

Former Guidelines For Npower Redeployment

  1. Visit the Npower Official portal or click
  2. Log in with your email and the password
  3. Getting onto your dashboard, navigate to the Deployment Tab
  4. Allow the page to load your place of deployment
  5. Now, download the PPA Letter by clicking on "Download PPA letter"
  6. To get this downloaded, fill in your BVN, Bank Account Number and Bank Name. Then click, "Download PPA Letter"
  7. If you see any error here, kindly attend to the instructions given. And if it shows "There are too many requests", keep trying until the letter is downloaded. The error is generally due to congestion.
  8. After downloading the PPA letter, take it to your place of assignment and request your prospective supervisor or employer to reject you. You may need to convince them with reasons for your request.
  9. Once done, take the same letter to any available PPA or the one you're interested in, within your local government area. Let them accept you by signing appropriately.
  10. Then, return to your Npower portal to scan and upload the signed letter.
  11. You have to upload the evidence of rejection and the letter of acceptance from the other PPA
  12. After this, be sure to be checking your dashboard for updates.

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  1. Pls can I deploy to another state

  2. Pls what if they refused to reject u at ur PPA? Also how can one upload both d reject and accept letter on my dashboard?

    1. If they don't reject you, you've no other choice than to stay with them. If rejected, the box corresponding to that will be ticked by the former PPA. The new PPA will tick accepted and fill its own address and details instead of the old PPA


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